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Letter to the editor

Wm. Keifer Smith, Letter Writer March 19, 2020

An opinion article was written for the Linfield Review titled “Last Thursday’s defeat: Bidding farewell to the last female presidential candidate.” This article said that Elizabeth Warren, having...

The Oregon Republicans have walked out multiple times to prevent a carbon-capping bill from passing

Just do your job, Oregon Republicans

Anna Frazier, Climate & Environment Editor March 10, 2020

Imagine this: You show up to work. Your boss says to you, “I want you to do [insert the top priority on your job description].” You turn around and run away to Idaho. You would be in some serious...

Five of the female presidential candidates pass around some high-fives

Last Thursday’s defeat: Bidding farewell to the last female presidential candidate

Camille Botello, News Editor March 10, 2020

Way back at the beginning of this presidential race, six women (out of 28 total) entered the running to become the first United States Madam President. After Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren dropped...

The question of paying student-athletes has been a hot topic since the Fair Pay to Play Act was passed

Pay student-athletes? It’s not that simple.

Ethan Myers, Opinions Editor March 3, 2020

When the Fair Pay to Play Act was passed in California last September, it was a small yet monumental step in minimizing the massive gap between the billion-dollar NCAA and its unpaid athletes.  The...

Courtesy of Pablo Heimplatz via Unsplash

“The Bachelor” continues to disappoint

Camille Botello, News Editor March 1, 2020

WARNING: SPOILERS. For a franchise that coats the notion of true love in materialism and self-promotion, I guess I should have known that this season of “The Bachelor” would disappoint me yet again. The...

Courtesy of David Everett Strickler via Unsplash

Pelosi’s pettiness permeates the House Chamber during last week’s State of the Union address

Camille Botello, News Editor February 12, 2020

Even if you didn’t watch the State of the Union address last week, I’m sure somewhere between three and 14 GIFs of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tearing the president’s speech appeared on your...

Santa's got a big bag... full of waste

Santa’s got a big bag… full of waste

Lexi Kerr, Features Editor December 5, 2019

T’was the morning of Christmas and the kids couldn’t wait, To open the presents under the tree so great. So pretty, they looked, wrapped in sparkles and bows; Kids screamed with excitement so the...

Linfield’s Starbucks sends over 100 pounds of disposable cups to the landfill each month.

A Plea for Sustainability at Starbucks

Anna Frazier, Writer November 20, 2019

Many students utilize the on-campus Starbucks—it’s convenient, tasty, and accepts Flex. Getting a drink from “Starbs” is often a normal part of Linfield life, but what is the impact of your daily...

In Defense of Fear

In Defense of Fear

Maddie Loverich , Writer October 26, 2019

We’ve all heard the cliche. It’s spooky season. Every college kid is going to dress up in a (most likely) cheap and easy costume to go out in. If you’re like me, it’s the perfect excuse to force...

National parents admissions bribery scandal is shameful

Elijah O’Bryant, Writer April 9, 2019

In the recent cycle of national news, you might have heard about this recent college admission scandal. You may know by now that about 50 or so affluent parents, coaches and "businessmen" were arrested...

Spring Break homework: A burden or necessary evil?

Anne Walkup, Opinions Editor March 25, 2019

Spring Break is aptly named—a break during the spring. Its purpose is not to give professors the chance to assign extra assignments, essays and preparation time for exams. But as midterm projects and...

Letter to the Linfield Community

Grant Cates, Guest Contributor March 11, 2019

To the Students, Faculty, Staff, Administration, and Board of Trustees of Linfield College: My name is Grant Cates, and I graduated from Linfield in 2017 with degrees in Physics and Mathematics, before...

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