Baseball Regionals Cut Short

The Wildcats traveled to Texas for the NCAA Regional Baseball Tournament. Facing the Centenary Gents, the ’Cats found themselves in a place forcing them to claw their way back into the bracket. It resulted in a 12-1 loss and ...

May 22, 2017No Comments

Linfield faculty, admin, want higher ed veteran after Hellie

Olivia Gomez, Staff Writer

A series of nods and hums of approval supported the committee’s desire for a person with experience working at a liberal arts college to follow Linfield’s retiring president. Thomas L. Hellie, who became Linfield’s pr...

May 22, 2017No Comments

Orange Markings on Campus

Malia Riggs, News Editor

With summer on its way so are the repairs and renovations that happen throughout campus with students being gone. Along with those renovations and repairs happening this summer, the planning for a new science building has ...

May 22, 2017No Comments

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Importance of free speech

Dawn Nowacki, Associate dean of faculty, professor

To the editor, In response to Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt's op ed of May 17th, I'd like us to consider the following. I agree that change at Linfield does not happen quickly, and that we are behind the...

May 20, 20176 Comments

Why free speech matters to all of us

May 19, 2017

The Place For Outrage When Free Speech Is Hate Speech: Our Mission, Our Values, Our Obligations

May 15, 2017

A gamut of memories and experiences

May 15, 2017

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Linfield students find success in athletics, career

Davis Pitner, For the Review

Episode 1: Jake Mihelich Growing up Jake Mihelich didn’t think that he would become a three time all-American, win two national titles, and graduate as one of Linfield’...

May 10, 2017No Comments

Linfield sees three Fulbright finalists

April 28, 2017

Three Linfield seniors are excited to have been chosen...

Ricky’s Taco Truck

April 3, 2017

The second round of food trucks was a success, than...

Jasmine Fojas

March 19, 2017

“An empowering woman is someone who leads by example...

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    The Linfield College Concert Choir, Women’s Vocal Ensemble, and Wildcat Men’s Glee Club presented a Musical Bouquet on Sunday, May 14th, in ICE au...

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    What do old kung-fu movies and classic hip-hop have in common? If you ask the people at Shaolin Jazz, everything. Black Student Union invited the e...

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    With only two performances left, Not Your Forte is gearing up for their end of the year performances and they’re preparing to get their pitch perfec...

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    Fred Meyer Lounge was stuffed with Linfield students and faculty who came to watch the most popular LCAT event of the year. Many students sat on the f...

  • The Yes Men Fix the World

    To kick-off Earth Week, the Linfield Office of Sustainability showed the film “The Yes Men Fix the World” in ICE auditorium. The film was sued by ...

  • The Points of Departure

    On Wednesday, March 22, the Linfield Gallery opened a new exhibit called “The Points of Departure” by Eugene-based artist Tannaz Farsi. This exhib...

  • Copperman recounts days teaching in the Mississippi Delta

    Mike Copperman read stories from his memoir, Teacher: Two Years in the Mississippi Delta at Nicholson library. Joe Wilkins, Linfield associate pro...

  • Trio shows energy and passion

    The sonorous sounds emanated by the Trio con Brio Copenhagen through the works of Dmitri Shostakovich, Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Schubert...

  • Logan

    The lone, booze drinking, butt-kicking mutant returns for his final curtain call and he does not disappoint. Logan is a special type of movie that ...

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