Not Your Forte on pitch at Mac Market on Saturday
Fashion landmark falls

Alex Jensen, Editor-In-Chief
November 10, 2019

Outsmarting phishing emails

Emma Olson, Staff Writer
November 4, 2019

Linfield study abroad student amidst chaos of Chilean protests
October 21 earthquake marks fifth off Oregon coast this month
Pike makes a splash at its fundraising event

Fletcher Wilkin, Photographer
October 25, 2019

Pi Kappa Alpha fundraised for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at the Walker Courtyard with a dunk and corn hole contest on Wednesday.

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Police activity sparks campus concern

Camille Botello, News Editor
October 24, 2019

Sept. 23: A man armed with a knife is spotted near Jane Failing and escapes until police find him a few...

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Linfield carillon rings once again

Lexi Kerr, Features Editor
October 14, 2019

Professors halted their lectures and bewildered students stopped in their tracks on Wednesday, Sept....

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Presentation promotes protection of bees

Anna Frazier, Writer
October 10, 2019

“The bees told me to,” Susan Curington said, clad in black and yellow, to the audience about why...

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Professor Graff-Haight to give tips for last lecture

Angel Rosas, News Editor
April 29, 2019

One of Linfield’s most beloved professors willing be concluding her career at Linfield with a last...

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Year’s end means losing faculty

Olivia C. Gomez, editor-in-chief
April 27, 2019

This article is part of a larger series on institutional restructuring. To read more, please visit our...

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