A graduating student drops her acorn back in the bowl.
Commencement 2021, in photos
Nathan Herde, Photography Editor • May 3, 2021

Friday, April 30th marked Linfield’s first commencement ceremony as a university. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, it didn’t...

Photo courtesy of cinemaexpress.com
5 of the best Bollywood movies to watch on Netflix
Cing Muang, Staff Writer • April 29, 2021

If you are into musicals and are a hopeless romantic, Bollywood might be the right film for you to enjoy. Bollywood is a Hindi- language film...

Pencil and paper interpretation of "The Deal of a Lifetime" monster by Camille Lubach
Linfield Theatre Podcast Productions
Laney Green, Staff Writer • April 21, 2021

Crushed skulls, encroaching insanity, and commentary on capitalism are all key elements of Linfield’s Theatre department’s most recent podcast...

Squirreling around: What I hate
Squirreling around: What I hate
Laney Green, Staff Writer • April 18, 2021

10 Things I Hate About You I hate the way you talk at me,  and the way you stop and stare. I hate the way you run at me,  I hate it...

Photo courtesy of Mumbai Mirror
The Grammys must go on
Cing Muang, Staff Writer • April 13, 2021

This year, the 63rd Grammy Award for 2021 took place on Sunday, March 14, and streamed live on GRAMMY.com internationally. The show was hosted...

Art by Camille Lubach
Things to do on the next mid-week break
Lily Hanridge, Staff Writer • April 2, 2021

This year’s #springbreak may seem different than how we imagined it a year ago, but luckily Linfield is giving us exactly what we want with...

Squirreling around: it’s not me, it’s you
Squirreling around: it’s not me, it’s you
Laney Green, Staff Writer • March 28, 2021

Saturday, March 20 I’ve become increasingly more aware of the constant judgemental comments about Linfield squirrels. From the trees, I always...

Portrait of Corrie Williamson by Camille Lubach
Williamson's got a way with words
Nicole Sterba, Life & Culture Editor • March 19, 2021

What better way to celebrate women’s history month than by celebrating women writers? Corrie Williamson, a Montana-based poet, visited Linfield...

Art by Camille Lubach
The Britney Documentary is: TOXIC
Lily Hanridge, Staff Writer • March 16, 2021

As I sank down into my apartment's couch with my right hand full of Cheez-Its and La Croix in my left, I found myself ready to dive into the...

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