What do Linfield students do for Valentine’s Day?


Art by Annemarie

Unsure how you want to spend your Valentine’s Day? Take a look at some of the opinions from the Linfield University community on how to spend your Valentine’s day, whether you’re alone or with a partner.

In a poll on the Linfield Review’s Instagram, @linfieldreview, we asked the community three questions. The first question was: Is Valentines’ Day important to you? Seventy-six percent of responders stated that Valentine’s Day isn’t important to them, while twenty-four percent responded it is important to them. 

It may be that Linfield students are too busy with the grind of school to care about the holiday of love. Coming right back from being on break and being bombarded with a new semester doesn’t really ring Cupid’s bells. 

Are you single? If so, take some advice from the community on how to spend your holiday alone. In the quotes, members of the Linfield Community responded to the question: If you’re single, what’s the best way to spend Valentine’s day alone?

“Pretending it’s not Valentine’s Day.” A classic and safe answer, but hard to stick to if everyone around you is engaging in gooey P.D.A.

And of course, we have the rejectionist’s view. “It’s called ‘Single’s Awareness Day’ for a reason.” This serves well for those anti-Valentine folks.

But what if you don’t want to be alone on the holiday? Try some time with those you love platonically. “Valentine’s can be spent with anyone you love, friends, a significant other, or family.”

If you’re stuck to the romance of the holiday, don’t fear. If you’re over 21, you can try “Pinot noir, self-love chocolates, a bath bomb and a romance novel.” Similarly, if you’re not 21, “Buy yourself flowers and watch a romcom.” Both good options for someone still seeking a bit of romance.

“Watching a tv show with a nice meal.” Another classic option, especially if you have a comfort show begging for your attention. Likewise, you can “See a movie in a nice theater.”

For those who like a bit more fitness in their lives, there’s always time to hit the grind. “Get snacks, watch a movie, go to the gym.” Good for working your feelings off by getting swole. 

 Self-care can come in other ways than working out as well. Try “Treating yourself to something you love or something new.” Or try “Taking a moment to do some self-care you don’t always have time for.”

“Spend time doing something that gives you peace.” This one is truly beautiful and feels like it could be a winner. 

If you’re feeling creative, and want to brighten someone else’s Valentines day. “Make cards for your family!” A good exercise in love for those around you!

Of course, we have those who take the wrong approach to being alone on Valentine’s. This year, avoid making the wrong decisions. “Drinking your night away” or “alcohol”  are not ways to spend your Valentine’s day alone. Self-care, people!

“Buy a bunch of discount chocolate on the 15th.” This is, by far, the best Valentine’s plan for a single person, in my opinion. This is something I live by, and is a great option. 

Now, don’t feel left out if you’re taken. We also asked the community: If you’re in a relationship, what’s the best way to spend valentine’s day together?

Of course, there are endless options for those in relationships, and most likely, there is a preference on what to do based on the relationship. But if you’re struggling to think of something, we got you. 

A classic that quite a few gave, “dinner and a movie.” What could go wrong with dinner and a movie, right?

A movie can be a go-out or stay-in ordeal. “At home, watching a movie and drinking wine!” Likewise, for those who are not 21, “Cozy night in watching a movie.”

“Ignore the pressure to do something social and stay in.” This is a common theme among Linfield respondents, who seem to prefer a night in versus a night out. McMinnville must be low on the top ten most romantic places in Oregon list…

Of course, it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. “Doing simple things together that we both enjoy.” This is a great option, especially if you’re on a budget.

If you’re feeling romantic, “A night together with a pillow fort and chocolate strawberries.” Chocolate strawberries, a staple of Valentine’s day.

And, of course, because I’m asking a community of college-aged students, we have the more gaudy answers. Some would prefer to spend Valentine’s day “Naked” while others would prefer to “engage in intercourse.”

Both solid options, between two consenting adults, of course.

However you’re spending Valentine’s day, alone or with someone, single or in a relationship, make it safe and fun. Treat the day how you want. Whether you want to take February 14th out of the calendar, or you’re the person lugging a fifty dollar teddy bear out of a store for your partner, enjoy the day!