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Not Your Traditional Love Story: A Valentine’s Movie Selection

Annemarie Mullet

Not every romance looks the same, but sometimes it feels like every romance movie is. Are you tired of the hallmark format, of dramatic chase scenes in the rain, and men thinking they can just get what they want? If you are looking for some fun, unique, diverse stories this is a list for you.

The Big Sick
This semi-autobiographical rom-com, written by married couple Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, is a sweet and heart wrenching film. After a freshly kindled romance, Emily suddenly falls ill and the doctors aren’t sure the cause. Throughout the movie, Kumail has to find a way to balance the expectations of his immigrant family with what he actually wants in life, while also dealing with his new relationship. Kumail is sweet and funny, and has wonderful chemistry with his co-star Zoe Kazan, who plays Emily.

Crazy Rich Asians
This is a beautiful movie adaption that stars Constance Wu and Henry Goldling along with a primarily Asian cast. Not only is this a sweet movie, but it also deals with race, class, and family whilst Rachel and Nick navigate their relationship. The costume and set design in this movie are also absolutely gorgeous, from the beautiful dresses that both Constance Wu and Michelle Yeoh to the quirky outfit that Awkafina dawns, I can’t get enough. So if you are a lover of good storytelling as well as movie aesthetics, you’ve probably already seen this, but if for some reason you haven’t now’s the time.

Love, Simon
This queer romantic book adaption is about friendship, as much as, if not more than the actual romance. Nick Robinson plays Simon, who is an awkward and endearing highschooler who is living in the closet. He kindles a secret romance over a private message board, using hints from their conversations to try to guess who in his school he has been talking to. While this is sweet and cute, Simon’s friend group is adorable, making it frustrating at times when Simon continues to make decisions that negatively impact their lives. However, despite the frustration it is all worth it in the end.

Warm Bodies
In a lot ways this movie does follow the traditional romance arch, however the male romantic lead is a zombie and the girl is not. While this movie gets mixed reviews, it is a romance that I really enjoy. It has a great indie soundtrack, and Nicholas Holt’s character R’s narration throughout the film is fun and sweet. Teresa Palmer’s character Julie is a tough zombie hunter, who’s been doing her best to survive a world now filled with zombies. Over the course of the movie the character’s romance blooms and we learn that the zombies may not be as far gone as people had thought. It sounds ridiculous and maybe it is but it is a romance I really enjoyed.

500 Days of Summer
Another indie movie with a great soundtrack, I know for me a good soundtrack does a lot for me when watching a movie, and this one certainly got me excited. This movie stars Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zoey Dechanel which is guaranteed to be sweet and quirky. It plays with the typical romance format by having the movie be Tom’s (JGL) reflection on his relationship with Summer (Zoey) after they’ve broken up. It’s fun and it’s sweet, and you don’t leave upset that they didn’t end up together in the end. But if you are someone who wants a clean and easy happy ending this is maybe not the one for you.

I picked these five because each is a movie I very much enjoyed, and felt like these five gave a good amount of variety, so that everyone could find something, but below are a couple more movies that I also enjoy.
Always be my Maybe
Crazy Stupid Love
Grosse Pointe Blank
Lars & the Real Girl
West Side Story (Spielberg 2021)

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Faythe Lloyd
Faythe Lloyd, Staff Writer
Faythe Lloyd is a sophomore from Spokane, Wash. She is a Creative Writing major with and Environmental Science minor and a Media Studies Minor. Faythe is passionate about art and nature and enjoys exploring new things. In her free time, Faythe can be found reading and enjoying the outdoors, as well as consuming a wide variety of tv and movies. She is excited to be joining The Linfield Review Staff this year and looks forward to being part of the team.
Annemarie Mullet
Annemarie Mullet, Managing Editor

Annemarie Mullet is a senior from Kirkland, Wash. She is a digital arts major and creative writing minor. Annemarie also works at the Writing Center and in the digital art lab. When not working or doing school, Annemarie can be found doing art, crocheting, sewing, reading, or spending time with her ESA bunny, Mocha.

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