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  • The Linfield Review receives 10 PNAJE awards


    The Linfield Review receives 10 PNAJE awards

  • Gays and their grapes: Kadens Komments final sign off

    Kaden's Komments

    Gays and their grapes: Kaden’s Komments’ final sign off

  • Ceramics student Savy Short throws wood into the kiln. (Grace Fjermedal)


    Art in the hillside: Linfield students visit East Creek Art to experience the anagama kiln

  • Young practicing with his racket.


    Defying the expectations

  • Riley and Rowan practicing dribbling.


    A team of two

  • The Review takes home eight awards in ONPA Collegiate Newspaper Contest


    The Review takes home eight awards in ONPA Collegiate Newspaper Contest

  • Kendra and I enjoy our lattes and (try to) work on our lab write ups at Flag and Wire


    One coffee shop to rule them all

  • Khan at practice diving for a ball.


    Keeping his rhythm with baseball

  • Feinglas getting ready to race.


    Chasing an NCAA qualifier and a break in the rain

  • Linfield students practicing for the upcoming dance showcase. (Annemarie Mullet)


    A peek into the Linfield Dance Ensemble: Student showcase scheduled for this weekend

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The student news site of Linfield University

The Linfield Review

The student news site of Linfield University

The Linfield Review

The student news site of Linfield University

The Linfield Review

Brindis in her natural dance element

Eve Brindis, Making Leaps for the Dance Program

Kendall Harrison, Staff Writer March 4, 2021

It’s almost dusk the night before the Spring 2018 dance showcase. While everyone should be getting proper rest, the lights stay on the stage —  flickering, moving, and changing colors.  It isn’t...

Office of Inclusion, Access and Diversity

Kaelia Neal, the hidden gem of creating diverse events

Annemarie Mullet, Staff Writer February 27, 2021

Walking into the Linfield University’s library looks a little different this month. Off to the right, stands the first of dozens of framed posters, honoring specific individuals and their achievements...

Finding movement in a pocket student lounge

Finding movement in a pocket student lounge

Alexandra Feller, Editor-in-chief February 21, 2021

“Cities call them pocket parks,” she said. “The idea that a park doesn’t have to be this huge thing with a ton of resources. It can be this small thing that is just nestled into a community or...

Jensen with Transcend, Acrylic, 2020

A Fierce Advocate: Nissa Jensen

Camille Lubach , Staff Writer February 17, 2021

Last year, Linfield senior Nissa Jensen created a series of introspective and sensual works mounted on circles of wood. She sawed, sanded, and painted the surface with richly colored oil paint in the confines...

Weber in her studio

Groovy as Hell: Gwen Weber and her Artistic Eye

Camille Lubach , Staff Writer February 11, 2021

Gwen Weber, wearing a bright orange turtleneck and sitting at her kitchen table, smiles as a black cat named Mushroom walks by meowing. It is not uncommon to find Weber in her studio bent over in concentration,...

Monstera perching

Adapting to the unknown: A new life with my ambilobe panther chameleon

Charlotte Abramson, Features Editor February 3, 2021

I impulsively bought a chameleon...whoops. Armed with an attitude to rival mine and rude until he’s had breakfast, Vinnie is the greatest thing to come from the dumpster fire that was 2020.  I didn’t...

Peaceful evening in the Career Center

Meet the Student Specialists in Career Development

Riley Omonaka, Staff Writer January 29, 2021

Walking into Career Development can be daunting and asking for help even more so. It can appear impossible to navigate the world of career planning on one's own, but there seems to be an ever growing list...

Art by AnneMarie Mullet

We are human: Linfield’s women fight for body positivity

Charlotte Abramson, Features Editor January 26, 2021

Too fat...too thin...too human.. Society spends a lot of the time convincing women they aren’t good enough. Women at Linfield University have had enough. Standing in defiance, The Peer Body Project run...

Tiffany Tertipes via Unsplash

Linfield non-voters align with national trends

Maddie Loverich, Sports Editor January 19, 2021

The nation’s youth population mobilized this election cycle, with an estimated 51% of eligible 18-29 year-olds participating, compared to 44% in 2016. However, not everyone felt the same civic desire...

Art by Annemarie Mullet

Graduate to Editor: You can do it too

Lindsey Burns , Staff Writer December 28, 2020

Linfield alumnus, Jonathan Williams, joined Professor Jennifer Rauch’s media writing class on Wednesday November 11th, to reveal what life can be like post-graduation. Williams graduated from Linfield...

Art by Annemarie Mullet

LUP: Slowly but surely pushing for more LGBT+ support on campus

Anne Walkup, Staff Writer December 14, 2020

Linfield United and Pride, a LGBT+ club is working hard to bring equality and acceptance to the Linfield campus. Having to connect solely through Zoom seems like it would put a damper on club meetings...

Art by Annemarie Mullet

New Librarian: A Pro at Overcoming Obstacles

Emma Olson, Opinions Editor December 3, 2020

Maureen Barney’s office is about what you’d expect from a librarian, but there is one oddity: the boxes. “You’re the first person who’s been in here,” Barney tells me as I pull up a seat....

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