A repurposed ladder with wood planks works as a shelf display for various items in the small room the Cat Closet resides in.

Adopt, don’t shop, your clothes and more

Lexi Kerr and Anna Frazier March 9, 2020

Thrifting. Resale. Secondhand shopping. Ballin’ on a budget. “Poppin’ tags”, in the words of the one and only Macklemore. Whatever you want to call it, there is now a place to do it at Linfield:...

First time's the charm... and also the second

First time’s the charm… and also the second

Anthology publishes two of Linfield alumna's poems
Alexandra Feller , Guest Writer March 3, 2020

It’s not often that a young writer gets their piece published on their first time submitting it--let alone two pieces. “I submitted with the full intention of not being accepted, and then they asked...

Totem Shriver stands in front of an array of similar yet varying collages.

Linfield Gallery encourages students to find voice as artists

Lexi Kerr, Features Editor and Writer February 26, 2020

It is not uncommon to most to have a moment where you think: "where do I go from here?" Or even, "where do I start?" Totem Shriver's exhibition, "PATH. SKY. DREAM.," in the Linfield Gallery...

Marianna Kemp, freshman, brings zen to the group of backpackers as they embark on the second part of their backpacking in Bend trip.

Jumping back into the outdoors

Linfield reintroduces the Outdoor Program after years of dormancy.
Alexandra Feller, Staff Writer November 4, 2019

After years of dormancy, the Linfield Outdoor Recreation program is now bubbling with activity. Through a new team of student leaders, and staff supervisor Reza Refaei, the  program will be holding activities...

Presentation promotes protection of bees

Presentation promotes protection of bees

Anna Frazier , Writer October 10, 2019

“The bees told me to,” Susan Curington said, clad in black and yellow, to the audience about why she chose to start her project “As the Bee Sees: a Pollinator’s Perspective.” The audience laughs,...

Calder Ifft

Stripping away stereotypes one male nurse at a time

Camille Botello, News Editor October 1, 2019

Josh Morales walks into his patient’s room with this week’s lesson in his head and a full beard on his face. He says that since male nurses are the minority, he’s always conscious about treating...

The friday night art group poses in front of their artwork, the result of a directive painting activity.

Cultivating community in art

Alexandra Feller, Features Editor April 22, 2019

The Linfield art department was once lively and full of energy. However, in recent years, it has become a place with little interaction. Senior Bailey Morales wanted to transform the building back into...

Senior Laney Riggings performing fire dancing for the crowd at Built to Burn '19 to warm them up for the main event

McMinnville cobbler interested in burn

Alexandra Feller, Features Editor April 22, 2019

Jim the cobbler, who prefers to go by just Jim, is in anticipation for the ceremonial burn directed by art professor Totem Shriver. Jim and his wife have been attending the burn every year for approximately...

One of Naomi Pitcocks favorite hobbies is gardning. Here she is brifly clearing flowers that have fallen into her daughters fairy garden made by Carol Gallagher, official groundskeeper. Pitcock's backyard is decorated with bird feeders that attract humming birds she and president Davis enjoy watching in their free time

Getting to know Linfield’s ‘First Lady’

Alexandra Feller, Features Editor April 22, 2019

First lady Naomi Pitcock has joined the Linfield community in many ways. Pitcock, President Miles Davis’s wife, teaches nursing classes full time, as well as volunteering at her daughter’s school,...

Local transportation helps students get around

Local transportation helps students get around

Alexandra Feller , Features Editor April 13, 2019

Linfield students who lack cars have a wider range of transportation options than originally thought. With Rick Shaw taxi company in town and two reliable Uber Lyft drivers, a trip to Winco may be easy...

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