Change Corps’ Taste of Service Day was popular event for Linfield community

Elin Johnson, Features Editor

Statements by Adrian Iu

and Maddy Shelton

Adrian Iu ‘19 is the director of Days of Service.

“For Taste of Service this year, we [had] 40 students [register] for the event; however, we [did] expect more students showing up on the day of the event because some students [did] not know their availability on Saturday,” Iu said.

“These student volunteers will be be engaging in service projects that are unique to the seven community partners in McMinnville.

This year, we [partnered] with the Greater Yamhill County Watershed, Henderson House, McMinnville Community Garden, Saturday Morning Breakfast, Yamhill Community Action Partnership Food Bank, Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, and McMinnville Habitat for Humanity.

Volunteers [were] able to educate themselves on how their 3-hour volunteer work contributes to the bigger picture of each organization.

The change for this year is that we put in more effort on highlighting the importance of immersing students into the community that they are attending school in.

The nature of volunteerism has always been part of the strong culture of Linfield College. Students dedicating time to serve is not something new, but these service days offer more opportunities for students to learn and to serve the community.”  

Maddy Shelton ‘20 is the Hunger and Homelessness service coordinator.

“I participate in Taste of Service because it’s a great way to get to know community members,” Shelton said.

“It’ll be great to help students make connections through service. This specific event is going to be special because it is the first of many Days of Service this year. It’s going to be great to see Linfield students come together and volunteer throughout McMinnville.”

Both Shelton and Iu were active in the Taste of Service Day on Saturday. Change Corps hosts events like this every year.