Alexandra Feller , Writer

There has been a particular upward trend in podcasts in recent years. Lindfields own radio station (KSLC) general manager Joe Stuart recognizes this and has taken measures to push KSLC in this direction.

“My whole focus as the general manager is trying to push it to podcasts, because let’s be real no one listens to the radio.”

This year, KSLC has launched a podcast network through the application SoundCloud. Stuart is a senior majoring in Journalism and Media Studies, and has been involved in Linfield Radio since his freshman year.

“The advisor for the radio station was also my academic advisor [Dr. Huntsberger], and he’s been a great advisor for both the station and for me” says Stuart.

Stuart hosts a podcast with KSLC called “For The Record” with his best friend and roommate Sam Walsh. “For The Record” is a sports talk and pop culture podcast.

The co-hosts feel as though they stand out from just normal sports podcasters. They strive to go a level deeper into the topics they talk about.

Stuart produces “The Dr. Davis Show” with President Miles Davis. Unfortunately, there has only been one episode of this show because of scheduling conflicts, Dr. Davis is a very busy man.

Other podcasts at Linfield include “The Breaking Point” run by Angel Rosas and Carson Ryder (both juniors). It is a political podcast that covers pundits and candidate ideals.

Also, “The Cat Call” run by Elin Johnson and Elisia Harder (both juniors as well), which is in its second year. This podcast discusses current events at Linfield like what is going on with ALSC and LCAT. Other more various topics are covered, like the one featured a few weeks ago, “who was the hottest president?”

The Chucho and Cheenie show is a radio show co-hosted by Jesus Perez and Colton Cheenie. These Pike fraternity members were motivated to host a radio show together after a fun turntable session in KSLC studios last year.

The show airs Fridays from 3:00-4:00 pm on KSLC. Since they play music, their show is only available live during these times, so any fans are encouraged to tune in then.

Perez, A.K.A Chucho says they enjoy playing random music they have been listening to that week. There is no running theme whatsoever. They play everything from Spanish music to Daft Punk.

D.J. Cheenie notes, “It’s less of a podcast more of a radio show. We try to go for that old authentic vibe, that Z-100 vibe that was popular 2 years ago.”

The show has only been running this semester, but Perez and Cheenie want to note their dedication and consistency with the show, “We only missed one show in the beginning due to scheduling conflicts” says Cheenie.

The name of the show, “The Chucho and Cheenie Show” comes from the co-hosts desire to parody Television show Cheech and Chong. A common nickname among friends for Perez is Chucho and Cheenie is Colton’s last name.

They both enjoy: “Really getting in the role of a radio DJ because if you plan out what your going to say it’s just boring” says Cheenie.

Eventually, the co-hosts hope to have a special late night session where they pack the studio and jam out with fellow students.

While their show follows a more traditional radio music and talk show format, they both enjoy listening to podcasts not only on KSLC, but also more widely known podcasts.

In addition, the talk portion of their show is always interesting and provides key insight into what they think is important, interesting, or just the random thoughts that go through their minds based on the music they played, says Cheenie.

Stuart is extremely impressed with the content KSLC has been able to put out in the first couple of months, and hopes to see the number of podcasters at Linfield grow even more.

“My favorite thing about college radio is that there can be literally anything. You can go as niche and as vague as you want. It’s not serious, it’s fun.”