Alexandra Feller , Writer

Mack the wildcat, Linfield’s fearless leader is more than just a mascot. Mack is a dynamic cat going through trials and victories alongside the rest of the Linfield student body.

Since Mack is so active all the time, Mack says “In my freetime I like to chill out on the scratching post.” Mack can sometimes be a homebody and enjoys just relaxing in the dorms.

In fact, Mack is really into unwinding by binging television, “I don’t get too deep, I love the cartoon Pete The Cat.” Mack is a big reader, although he mostly reads kids books.

Mack’s favorite movie, is High School Musical, “My cousin actually played the mascot in the movie. And, yes I did get to meet Troy Bolton A.K.A Zac Efron.”

Sometimes, in Mack’s freetime, Mack enjoys spending time with other mascot friends. Mack’s best friend is Sluggo from the Emeralds, a minor league baseball team in Eugene. Just a few months ago, Mack went to Sluggo’s birthday party in Eugene.

The Bruin from George Fox was there. This created some unwanted tension. But, since Mack is mature and civil, all was handled well.

Mack’s favorite holiday, National Cat Day, recently passed on October 29th. Mack loves to celebrate this holiday with family and friends every year and partake in all sorts of party festivities. Their favorite one being “catch the lazer.”

Linfield hired Mack’s family as the school mascot in the 1920’s due to the sports teams scrappy spirit and competitiveness. Mack comes from a long legacy of cats, all employed at Linfield as Wildcat mascots.

Mack dabbles in a few different majors here at Linfield. Since Mack is constantly injured, Mack thought it would be beneficial to take some classes at the HHPA in the Athletic Training program.

If a fan really wants to see Mack, they should go to Maxwell field. Usually Mack is right in the mix with the football players and cheerleaders creating school spirit and having fun.

Mack’s favorite part about football games is by far the Catzone and the Catzone crew. Mack loves hearing the band perform. “They always have really upbeat and current songs prepared” Mack says.

Mack recognizes that Linfield creates a global network of students both through study abroad and post graduation jobs. Since Linfield students are everywhere, it can be challenging for Mack to get some R&R, “While I love seeing fellow Wildcats, I would not mind taking the occasional trip to WinCo without being recognized.”

Ideally, if Mack could go anywhere for vacation and not be recognized, Mack would throw on a tank top, pack a Tommy Bahama chair and go sit on South Beach in Miami Florida.

In fact, Mack is looking forward to going there this winter break because Mack has been working out with the football team building endurance and muscle, “It would be a great chance to show off the furry bod… I really embrace the study abroad movement here at Linfield, but I love the beach. Go Wetcats!”

Mack wants fans to know that Mack never gets tired of people taking pictures. Mack is actually really into selfie’s and loves every opportunity for a photoshoot.

If any Linfield student would like to take Mack out to eat, Mack’s favorite meal is breakfast, “There is nothing better than a good slab of french toast,” Mack’s favorite french toast is at the Wildwood Cafe in McMinnville.

Mack is big into social media, and makes great effort to post regularly on Twitter. Mack would love to keep up with other Linfield students and encourages everyone to give him a follow at @MackTheWildcat.