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Linfield non-voters align with national trends

Maddie Loverich, Sports Editor January 19, 2021

The nation’s youth population mobilized this election cycle, with an estimated 51% of eligible 18-29 year-olds participating, compared to 44% in 2016. However, not everyone felt the same civic desire...

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Graduate to Editor: You can do it too

Lindsey Burns , Staff Writer December 28, 2020

Linfield alumnus, Jonathan Williams, joined Professor Jennifer Rauch’s media writing class on Wednesday November 11th, to reveal what life can be like post-graduation. Williams graduated from Linfield...

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LUP: Slowly but surely pushing for more LGBT+ support on campus

Anne Walkup, Staff Writer December 14, 2020

Linfield United and Pride, a LGBT+ club is working hard to bring equality and acceptance to the Linfield campus. Having to connect solely through Zoom seems like it would put a damper on club meetings...

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New Librarian: A Pro at Overcoming Obstacles

Emma Olson, Opinions Editor December 3, 2020

Maureen Barney’s office is about what you’d expect from a librarian, but there is one oddity: the boxes. “You’re the first person who’s been in here,” Barney tells me as I pull up a seat....

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Linfield Bleeds: An exciting new club on campus about menstruation

Annemarie Mullet, Staff writer November 16, 2020

A new club called Linfield Bleeds is gushing for membership. The President of the club, Kenna Tanouye, said the purpose of the club is to “advocate, serve and educate the Linfield community on the importance...

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Studying from afar

Laney Green , Staff writer November 14, 2020

As COVID cases continue to rise, many college students prefer distance learning. When it came time to choose whether or not to return to campus in the fall, a handful of Linfield's students decided the...

The new Linfield Logo was created by graphic designers who wanted to incorporate the historic image of the acorn and oak tree at Linfield.

Shield or acorn, the new Linfield logo doesn’t meet student expectations

Alexandra Feller, Editor-in-chief November 12, 2020

It has been 10 years since Linfield’s last rebrand which came after a shift in the school’s identity from McMinnville College to Linfield College. Now, after the transition to Linfield University,...

CREATURE ALPHABET by Belle Bezideck-
An alphabet challenge to create illuminated letters or decorative type that combines creatures into the letterform.

New art professor brings unique experience to department

Emma Inge, Staff Writer October 31, 2020

A bison walks between the bowl of the B. A llama walks behind the stem of the L. An elephant steps gingerly over the bottom of the E. These hand drawn animals intertwine with their correlated letters as...

Reuben on the courts

Beating the odds to study abroad: Reuben Martens, Linfield’s lone international student

Anne Walkup, Staff writer October 30, 2020

Only one international exchange student made it to Linfield this year, and the journey was anything but easy.“I just couldn’t get into the mindset of going to the University of Amsterdam,” said Ruben...

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Words of inspiration from Linfield’s new nursing professors

Charlotte Abramson and Isabel Berger October 27, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of everyday life─from school, to grocery shopping, to politics. However, despite the staggering loss of jobs around the country, Linfield University has...

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A look at Linfield’s newest Wine Studies professor

Sierra Bodle, Staff Writer October 27, 2020

You may be familiar with the wine studies instructor Toni Ketrenos, but did you know that she has a house bunny? She also has a black lab mix named Pearl, a 22-year-old orange tabby cat, and a little pond...

The Renshaw Computer lab is normally busy with people finishing projects or rushing in for a quick print before their class begins. With all classes online, students have no need to  print anymore and the lab remains empty even though access is permitted for students on campus, given they comply with social distancing measures.

[PHOTOS] Finals approaching, but popular study spots remain empty

Lexi Kerr and Dustin Lau May 5, 2020

Studying for finals looks a lot different for students enrolled spring 2020 classes. Students will take finals online to finish the semester, seeking study spots around their homes away from Linfield College....

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