Facilities employees reveal nasty responsibilities

Hannah Carty, Writer

It is not hard to imagine that a job in Facilities probably comes with some filthy responsibilities. Plumber’s assistant, math major and art minor Sarah Hutchison revealed what it’s really like working for facilities.

Hutchison tends to find herself in some pretty interesting situations but said it’s all a part of the fun, “You can get coated head to toe in dirt and dust crawling through ceilings and under buildings.”

However, maneuvering through small spaces isn’t where the entertainment stops. “People put all sorts of things they shouldn’t down garbage disposals. And you would not believe some of the pelts I’ve yanked from shower drains, literal feet-long bundles of tangled hair mixed with suds and grime almost as thick as the drain pipe,” Hutchison said.

Working in facilities as a plumber is by no means a glamorous job, but Hutchison said it is “WAY better than having to deep clean peoples’ apartments after they move out or cleaning men’s [bathroom] floors.”

Cale Byers, a work-study student in cleaning services, also shared his experiences. Similar to Hutchison, he is accustomed to pulling large mats of hair out of shower drains.

The junior math major and music minor also shared ways students can make their living spaces cleaner and how to help facilities and cleaning services with their jobs.

“Washing toothpaste out of the sinks before it dries is really important,” he said. An even simpler task is “picking paper towels off the floor.”

“The biggest issues campus wide are leaving lights on, not opening washing machine doors, throwing personal food in the bathroom trash or even the drinking fountains,” Byers said.

Overall, “human beings are gross,” Hutchison said. “Everyone should assume some level of responsibility over their living spaces” Byers said.