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Turkeying it up with Linfield students

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and many are about to gather with their families to eat and spend time together. Here are some activities Linfield students will be partaking in this year.

“Every Thanksgiving my brother and I curl up and watch the Macy’s Day Parade. From the time we get up, we are eating, non stop eating. There is food all over the house! We also put on the first Christmas music of the year. After dinner, we all curl up with whatever book we’re reading, or my mom is usually knitting, and try to fight our food coma before we all play cards.”

-Anna Statz, junior


“We bake pumpkin pies together.”

-Christine Fujiki, sophomore


“We usually go see my Nana and Papa in Arizona.”

-Chelsea Ploof, sophomore


“Ever since I was a little kid I remember sleeping in just long enough before rushing out of bed to watch the Macy’s parade. I’ve never missed it.”

-Heather McDaniel, freshman


“I usually go up to my grandma’s and sometimes go hunting with my uncles.”

-Sam Gauksheim, sophomore


“We go around the table and say what we each are thankful for. Also, in my family, we cook the turkey upside down.”

-Paloma Dale, senior


“On Thanksgiving, my family gets the Christmas lights together and starts to put them on the house. My mom and I usually say what we want and then my dad and brother hang them up.”

-Holli Brouillette, freshman


“We all stick our Christmas lists on the fridge, so that everyone can go look at them discretely later.”

-Sammi Palmer, freshman


“My family has a Thanksgiving book where everyone writes what they are thankful for.”

-Morgan Seymour, freshman


“My mom and I always wake up early and get the turkey in the oven and spend all day baking.”

-Katy Brosig, sophomore


 “The funniest tradition we have is that each person brings a dish for dinner and names their dish after some controversial figure in the media. The turkey has been named “George Bush” before.”

-Katherine Thomas, sophomore


“Thanksgiving is the only time of year when my whole family is together—for Christmas. Everyone breaks off to smaller family gatherings, but at Thanksgiving, everyone is together and the chaos that ensues is delightful.”

-Sarah Korn, senior


Ivanna Tucker/ Features editor
Ivanna Tucker can be reached at [email protected].

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