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New and improved sustainability site is ready for students

Marisa Specht/For the Review

Hey Wildcats.

Linfield has an all new look and addition to the Sustainability website!

Want to go out to eat, but don’t know any of the local restaurants around town?

Don’t have a car but need information on how to rent a bike from the Linfield Bike Co-Op?

Need compost buckets for your apartment, but don’t know who to contact or where to get started?

The all-new Resources and Programs page is the spot for you.

The Office of Sustainability wants to make life easier for all students on campus.

We know that there are just way too many options on campus for one to lead a sustainable life.

We have tried to boil it down to a few tips on how to be green.

Check out our new “Resources and Programs” tab on the left side of our Sustainability homepage to navigate through the variety of multiple sustainable options that are offered on campus.

From eating local, to sustainability in the course curriculum, all the information on sustainability at Linfield can be found through the tab.

Check out the “Eat Local!” page for information on the Linfield Garden, as well as what’s local and organic at Dillin Hall.

It even includes information on local grocery stores and restaurants located in McMinnville, farmer’s markets, and much more. The “Walk, Bike, Ride” page has all the transportation info you’ll need for those who want to limit their vehicle use.

“Sustainable Living at Linfield” includes ways for those living in the residence halls to keep their home at Linfield sustainable.

The “Zero Waste” includes information on recycling, composting, and all that jazz to divert as much of our waste stream as possible from the Riverbend landfill.

The “Policies and Sustainability” in the curriculum pages have information on how Linfield is staying sustainable, as well as any academic courses geared toward sustainability.

I know many of you out there are have creative ideas on new projects that can lead to a more sustainable campus.

Visit the “Sustainability Grant” page for info on what’s been done in the past, and the application to start your awesome ideas as well.

We are always happy to see students sustainablility ideas.

Links to the Linfield Community Garden and the Bike Co-Op are located on the page to keep all things sustainable in one place.

There are plenty of ways to bring sustainability into your life here on campus, and the “Resources and Programs” pages on the Sustainability website are here to make your life easier.

Check it out at or stop by the office and chat with our wonderful green team about how to live a sustainable life!

Marisa Specht can be reached at [email protected]

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