The ‘Harlem Shake’ has run its course

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Throughout the years, there have always been dance moves that become ultra-hip.

YouTube has always been one of the first pop culture outlets that jump on these trends and give them their jump-start to fame.

There have been the stanky leg, shuffling, Gangnam style…and now, the Harlem Shake. The only redeeming quality about this dance is that it is done in 30 seconds.

Here’s how it breaks down (pun intended). The music of this video is a techno song entitled “Harlem Shake” that was uploaded on YouTube in February 2013.

For the first bit of the video a random person dances by themselves amidst people ignoring them.  They usually have a mask on or some sort of head gear.

About mid-way through the video, the drop comes. At this point, everyone starts sporadically dancing. After 30 seconds of people dancing like fish out of water, the video ends.

Thank God.

Let me start off by saying, what the heck?

Why do such pointless things become trends?

At least the Dougie required some amount of coordination and skill.

Previous dance moves have left room for people to add their own twist and give it a little bit of personality. The Harlem Shake makes dancing look like a big joke.

In addition, the “Harlem Shake” that appears in the videos is not actually the real “Harlem Shake.” The actual dance evolved from DJ Webstar’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” song with accompanying dance moves that appeared on the pop culture scene in the 2000s.

On top of all this un-inspirational nonsense, the song is absolutely annoying. Talk about random noises!  I guess it is natural for the dance to be lacking any real substance and technique because the song exhibits the same qualities.

If you watch the video once, the song gets stuck in your head for the whole day.

If the world was looking to create a dance that everyone can do, well, mission accomplished.

Instead, it makes you look like you are having a seizure. Performing some thing so stupid does not make you trendy, it makes you look dumb. Sorry…not sorry.

Kate Straube/Photo editor

Kate Straube can be reached at [email protected]