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Pinterest isn’t as sexist as you might think

As a place that houses everything from movie quotes, drinking games, easy food recipes and ideas to fix almost anything, Pinterest seems like the ideal place for all college students.

Despite the extensive assortment of categories and pins, guys seem to think that it is just a girl thing.

The website allows users to “pin” different pictures that often link other Web pages to one of the users’ “pin boards.” The “pin boards” work as categories, in which users keep all of their “pins” organized and easy to find later. Pinterest then becomes an irreplaceable resource.

The website was opened in October of 2010 with its beta program, which only allowed users to join if they were invited.

As of August 2012, there are close to 25 million monthly visitors, according to a comScore representative.

Of the regular users, 85 percent are women.

While the website uses a delicate font and has a lot more pins that women would like, Pinterest is built off the things  anyone looks up on the Internet. With categories growing and expanding, there are many that would appeal to men, especially college-aged guys.

With categories focused on cars, gadgets, food, humor and men’s fashion, options for guys are kicking off and can only grow with the help of more users who have interest in those categories.

Besides things that relate to hobbies and interests, Pinterest provides a place for you to organize it all and share it with others.

I often find myself showing projects, such as hidden cabinets and work out plans I find with my dad or brother. They are usually surprised by how much content on Pinterest pertains to their likes and interests.

With so much focus on school and outside activities, Pinterest can at least spark ideas for the users.

Let’s say someone needs ideas for an event they’re planning, Pinterest can not only give decoration ideas, but also cheap food options, drink recipes and fun games and activities.

The same thing goes for those who feel they need to work out. They can look at “pin board” after “pin board” of new work out and diet plans.

While I’m not saying go crazy and over-do Pinterest, as I and many other women that I know do, just give it a chance men. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.

There are things on Pinterest that men would never expect to find, and then it gives them a way to share it with their friends.

Kaylyn Peterson/Copy chief

Kaylyn Peterson can be reached at [email protected].
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