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Meal plan between A, B would serve wider range of students

Anne Walkup, Opinions Editor September 25, 2018

Sodexo adopts the all-or-nothing concept when it comes to selecting a meal plan. Students on the A plan pay for the luxury of making unlimited visits to the dining hall, while those wishing to save...

Dreaded group projects serve practical purposes

Athena Benjamin, Writer September 25, 2018

Group projects are heavily criticized by many students. Despite their objections, there are many benefits that cause educators to continue to assign them. In the real world problem solving, teamwork...

Linfield garden lacks the help it needs to flourish

Lance Evans and Ellen Gallagher September 18, 2018

The community at Linfield is one of openness and comraderie, so Linfield students should always be looking for ways to further develop that environment. One highly overlooked opportunity is the Linfield...

Senioritis is bane of any senior’s existence

Cassandra Martinez, Staff writer May 17, 2018

My fellow Seniors, we have entered the month of May and graduation is approaching in a few weeks. Of course, most of you thinking, “Wait…we're already in May?” “How did that happened?” “Did...

Leggings’ rise has denim companies shaking in their jeans

Emma Knudson, Staff writer May 7, 2018

If you couldn’t already guess by the hideous, low-brow rise of jeggings, denim companies are attempting to manufacture stretchy, more comfortable jeans to compete with the rise of leggings as everyday...

Tips to get through the finals week essay

Emma Knudson, Staff writer May 7, 2018

Just a few days ago, I was complaining about how ready I was for February to end. Or, it feels like a few days ago. May is already flying by, and as finals week looms ever closer, all major deadlines...

Mental health issues should be discussed

The Review Editorial Board May 7, 2018

College is a time of tremendous personal growth and change. While this can be exciting, it is also difficult to navigate this sea of internal and external changes while also keeping up with the academic...

What really makes someone an athlete? Some people are athletic, but it doesn’t mean they’re athletes.

Being athletic doesn’t mean you’re an athlete

Emma Knudson, Staff writer April 22, 2018

What makes someone an athlete? Is it their ability to lift, to run fast, to always make the perfect catch, to do multiple backflips? At what point can a person no longer be classified an athlete? These...

Protecting the earth is common sense

The Review Editorial Board April 22, 2018

We shouldn’t need an official week to remind us that the Earth is important and worth protecting. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we only have one Earth and we couldn’t do much of...

How important is Snapchat, the multimedia messaging application?

Differing views on Snapchat, a divisive favorite

Elin Johnson and Camille Botello April 9, 2018

Pro-Snapchat By Elin Johnson Ah, Snapchat. Some know it as a beacon of sin and promiscuity. I find it a great way to interact with friends. Snapchat is one of the more direct social media sites...

You’re not an imposter, you’ve earned it

The Review Editorial Board April 9, 2018

As seniors prepare to leave the Linfield bubble and incoming freshmen are contemplating their lives in college, it’s time to talk about imposter syndrome. Psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes...

Spring break binge watch

Grant Beltrami, Staff writer March 31, 2018

With a juicy 9-day break coming up, those students who are not overly burdened by homework are probably looking forward torelaxing and doing some hardcore binge watching.I think it is safe to say that...

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