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The student news site of Linfield University

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The student news site of Linfield University

The Linfield Review

Student sees Guatemala through film

Melanie Johnson, Writer September 18, 2018

While many students enjoyed basking in sunny locations over the summer, one opted to spend a month in Guatemala—in the middle of that country’s rainy season. Oregon native Malia Riggs ’19 said...

Linfield sexual assault reports are fifth highest in Oregon

Camille Botello and Carson Ryder May 8, 2018

Here’s what’s guaranteed for survivors of sexual assault at Linfield: students will receive care and resources for recovery and they will determine the progression of the investigation. Other than...

Multisport athletes search for a balance

Alex Jensen and Elizabeth Stoeger May 8, 2018

One of the most significant controversies in the sports world today is the debate about whether multisport or single-sport athletes have a better chance for success. In the youth arena, there has been...

At ease: Military veterans find new life at Linfield

Elizabeth Stoeger and Elin Johnson May 8, 2018

More than 5 million post-9/11 service members are expected to transition out of the military by 2020, according to the American Council on Education. While some of these veterans will enroll in an institution...

‘A good way to live’

Elizabeth Stoeger, Staff writer May 8, 2018

Most Linfield students are grappling with student debt, choosing a career path and picking the next show to binge watch. For one Linfield student, all these worries are distant memories. Helen Marie...

Challenges of studying abroad: Adrian Iu’s experience in Spain

Elin Johnson, Staff writer May 7, 2018

Adrian Iu is a junior, double majoring in literature and Spanish with a minor in gender studies. Iu is spending the semester studying in Alicante, Spain. Alicante is along the Spanish coast bordering the...

Last seniors standing

Last seniors standing

Alex Jensen, Sports editor May 2, 2018

Being an athlete for all four years in college is an impressive feat because it takes managing studies, athletics, work and life, which is no easy task. But for these four athletes it was more than just...

Finding family support at home and in Ecuador

Elin Johnson, Staff writer April 22, 2018

Abby Gunning did not choose to study abroad in Ecuador. It was the only location available for Spanish minors to study. Now that she is in Ecuador, she loves it. Gunning grew up in a small town in Washington...

Alternative Spring Break hits three destinations

Gabriel Nair, Anne Walkup, and Emma Knudson April 9, 2018

Bend By Gabriel Nair The group that went to Bend, Ore. was focused on the theme of environment and conservation. Students helped the forest service with forest restoration, trail maintenance,...

Biology adds Yale educated professor

Cassandra Martinez, Staff writer April 9, 2018

Linfield’s new assistant professor in the biology department seeks to help students understand her teaching by adapting her teaching style to their way of understanding the work. Sreerupa Ray is teaching...

Student finds studying abroad beneficial for her major

Elin Johnson, Staff writer March 18, 2018

Emily Warner is a junior from Sherwood, Oregon studying elementary education and history. She is studying abroad in Galway, Ireland. “Studying abroad is really beneficial for education majors and...

Tenacity prevails in intramural sports

Emma Knudson, Staff writer March 18, 2018

Some people might think intramural sports are a joke. Others may think they’re enticing. And the rest may not even know they exist. But to those involved in these exciting collegiate leagues, they’re...

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