Empowering women

Alex Jensen, Staff Writer and Graphic Designer

“An empowering woman is somebody who can interpret their own personality well, and use that to not let other influences get in the way, understand who she is as a person, and then take that side of herself and show it to other people and kind of like bring everybody up as a community and specifically like other women in her life.”

Hannah Imrem, ’17

Hannah Imrem is a senior psychology major at Linfield College. She is the president of the Rock Climbing club, editor of CAMAS, the on-campus literary magazine, and an ultimate Frisbee player.

To her an empowering woman means not being afraid to do anything and to drop the fear of rejection or societal norms.

Imrem became the president of the rock climbing club when it hit a slump from the previous leaders graduating. She decided her sophomore year- after participating freshmen year- to pick it back up. Her main goal has been to get as many people involved as she can.

After passing on an internship with the FBI, Imrem hopes to find an advertising one dealing with social psychology.