Wildcats go duck hunting

Jan-Term break is a luxury of the past. Spring break is too far away to continuously day-dream about. You’re already brain-dead and burnt out by spring semester. If you nodded along to any one of these statements, you may need to take matters into your own hands. Take a weekend to yourself or grab a group of friends and road trip to one of the numerous cities located near McMinnville, Ore. This can definitely be considered a form of self-care, and mental rejuvenation is exactly what we achieved by traveling south to Eugene this past weekend.

Natives and tourists alike should be no stranger to Ore.’s beautiful scenery. Pictured here are the well-known Three Sisters. These mountains are visible from almost anywhere in Eugene Ore. Kate Walkup
A quick drive up to Skinner Butte and you’ll find this great big O as a shrine to the Oregon Ducks. Laney Green
A weekend in Eugene calls for a stop at the local Hirons Pharmacy! Entering is daunting, as you have to maneuver through the shelves of kitsch objects just to get to the pharmacy. Kate Walkup
Don’t get stuck here in an earthquake! Every shelf, surface, and inch of the ceiling at Hirons Pharmacy is filled with trinkets, giving you and your friends the chance to find some hidden gems. Kate Walkup
Claudia Velie and Meghan Mullaly pose for an iconic 0.5x photo featuring their Hiron’s Pharmacy finds – plastic cowboy hats. Kate Walkup
Laney Green falls in love with a mop at Jerry’s—one of Eugene’s signature hardware stores. Kate Walkup
After strolling around the store for a while, Laney Green decides to practice her modeling skills on a “rolly thing.” Kate Walkup
Meghan Mullaly uses close up precision while applying her mascara. The perfect lashes will result in the perfect night out on the town, or so that’s what mascara ads have led her to believe. Laney Green
Claudia Velie applies eyeshadow to highlight her beauty. She wants to stand out even if it means drawing attention to herself at the entrance of a secret bar. Laney Green
Flip the switch, say the secret password and enter through the door marked “Janitor’s Closet” in order to find these secret drinks. Enter into the first speakeasy in Eugene. Kate Walkup
Of course a weekend in Eugene called for a stop at the University of Oregon. This smiley group watched two women’s basketball games – one of which included their senior celebration (peep their photoshoot in the background). Chris Walkup.