Alternative sexual misconduct awareness training to be offered Nov. 10, available to all students

Meghan Mullaly, Staff Writer

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In an email sent on Friday, Oct. 22, the Associated Students of Linfield University (ASLU) announced their alternative option for the online Title IX training. This new, in-person program will take place Nov. 10 at 4:05 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. 

Students have the option to attend either session in person in the Ice Auditorium, or virtually through Zoom. A recording of the program will be available for 30 days for those who cannot attend. Due to the capacity of the Ice Auditorium, 400 students can attend each session in person.

Participation in this program will excuse students from the online training. 

Brittany Piper, a healing coach and expert in sexual violence prevention, will be leading the sessions. According to her website, Piper is “dedicated to empowering audiences to find opportunity in their struggles rather than opposition.”

Recently, a TikTok of hers went viral and is currently sitting at 2.8 million likes. In the video, Piper asks a large group of Kansas State University students to stand if they “know someone who has experienced sexual assault. Whether it be a friend, a family member, a coworker, or even yourself.” 

Nearly every person in the room stands. 


Survivors deserve better 💛 thx for a powerful event last night Kansas State Univ Panhellenic #traumasurvivor #youareenough #trauma #healingjourney

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“[ASLU] actually found her through TikTok,” said ASLU cabinet member Allison Hmura. “We reached out to her and she contacted us back saying we could totally set something up.”

Piper’s program focuses on a number of important issues surrounding sexual violence prevention and healing. As listed in the email sent by ASLU, these topics include: consent, rape culture, safe and effective ways to intervene directly or indirectly as a bystander, empathy-based prevention and response, community responsibility, the forensic neurobiology of trauma, tonic immobility, supporting survivors in their recoveries, and the healing process for survivors. 

Through her own story and experiences, Piper creates a positive space where healthy non-judgemental dialogue about sexual violence can take place. 

ASLU encourages students to reach out with additional questions.