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Newspaper crafts save the Earth

Gift wrapping and bow

Done by just about everyone, you can’t beat the quirkiness of a gift wrapped in newspaper.

To create a gift bag, it helps to have a box to form it around. Then, just as you’d wrap a box normally, you’ll fold up the bottom (without taping it to the box) and then tape up the folded edges and sides. Next, take a whole puncher and make two wholes on each side of the bag where the handles will go. Now this won’t hold a heavy present but it can get the job done for small gifts.

To create the bow, you’ll need to make about 10 rings out of newspaper. Then you can just start layering them.

Party Decorations

This is as simple as creating shapes and stringing them together. You can also make flowers, hearts and just about anything on a toothpick for food decorations.

Newspaper Nails

For those who like to do their nails, decorating your nails with newspaper can be fun alternative to plain colored nails. First you must put down a base coat of white or clear. Then after it starts to dry you dip them in nail polish remover for a few seconds. After that you’ll apply newspaper to the wet nail– if the paper does not become saturated by the liquid on your nail apply a dab of nail polish remover to the top of the newspaper. Then finish with two or three coats of clear nail polish.


Mirror/ Anything

By tearing up newspaper, you can take Mod-podge, or any glue and water solution, and decorate the borders of mirrors, picture frames, or really anything. There is not much to it other than to keep gluing. But be warned, this is a messy project.

Fire Starters

This is a simple one for all those who like to go camping or have a fire place. Take a sheet of newspaper and fold it into a strip about one inch across and the length of the whole paper. Then take the two ends and fold it to make equal lengths. Then start twisting, and finish by tying it off with twine. Having a few of these on hand can help kickstart a fire.


Instead of going out to buy expensive origami paper, newspaper can be used in its place. While it’s thinner than normal origami paper it can get the job done.

Quick and

Easy Tips

Shoe Deodorizer

By stuffing wet/stinky shoes with newspaper, you can dry and absorb any moisture or odors.

Moving Supplies

Wrapping your breakables in newspaper, you can prevent things from breaking when moving from the campus housing back home.

Window Cleaner

Instead of buying paper towels to clean your window, newspaper can be used in its place. It is as simple as that.


Garden Supplies

Newspaper is very versatile in gardens. But the most popular use is to create a weed barrier.

For a weed barrier, first you will need a bucket of water and old newspapers. First make sure you have five or six layers or paper together. Next fold the section of paper in half. Dip the folded newspaper section into the water, making sure it is completely wet. Once the paper is soaked, remove it from the water, and gently unfold it. Now your ready to create your barrier by simply lying the 5 or 6 page sections on top of your soil. When you lay the next section down, allow it to over lap the first section about one inch. Repeat these steps until your garden or flowerbed is covered with newspaper. Then create holes in the newspaper where you’ll place the plant to grow. After filling in each hole with more soil, cover the newspaper with more soil, so it’s not an eyesore. This can also be done with paper bags.

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