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Movie inspires athlete to pursue lacrosse

Sports have been a part of junior lacrosse player Chas Tittle’s life for a long time. She played basketball, lacrosse, and ran cross country and track during high school in Mililani, Hawaii. The sport she stuck with was lacrosse, which she started playing because of her favorite movie in sixth grade, Cheaper by the Dozen.

“I was very obsessed with that movie. In the movie one of the characters had a lacrosse stick and I had no idea what lacrosse was,” Tittle said.

Tittle’s father saw signs around town calling for lacrosse players.

“I decided to keep playing because I enjoyed it a lot and it was a fun sport,” Tittle said. “It keeps me active and I have made a lot of friends from it here at Linfield.”

When looking for a college, Tittle actually searched for schools that had women’s lacrosse teams.

“I came to Linfield to major in Nursing and to play lacrosse. While looking for colleges that had women’s lacrosse as a D3 sport, I found Linfield and decided to come here,” Tittle said.

Playing lacrosse helps Tittle relieve stress, but she also enjoys playing the sport with her teammates.

“I’m just really happy that I am able to play in college,” Tittle said. “The highlight of my college lacrosse career is being able to play with my teammates, starting every game, scoring a few goals, and improving on my skills.”

She also excited about the improvement of the rest of the team.

“Although this season has been a little rough, winning wise, I’m very proud of my teammates,” Tittle said. “There are quite a few girls on the team who have never played before and I’m so proud of how hard they work and how much they’ve improved. I would say that I just feel proud of my team because we work so hard to improve and we maintain a positive attitude. This season has been great for us because I can see that as a developing team we have made a lot of improvements.”

The season hasn’t been going too well on the numbers side for the lacrosse team, but beyond that, Tittle is proud of the work all of her teammates have put into it. The last two games this week ended in losses for the Wildcats. Linfield lost to Pacific University 19-6 (0-7) on March 18. Linfield lost to Clairemont McKenna College 19-3 (0-8) on March 20.

Gilberto Galvez/ Feature editor

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