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National Women’s History Month: Outstanding woman teaches and learns

You can find outstanding women around all of Linfield, and for Women’s History Month Amy Bumatai, intern at the multicultural programs, sent out a call for nominations. Delane Hein, area director for community standards, received a large part of those nominations.

Hein has worked at Linfield for 14 years, but before that she worked as a Special Education teacher and also taught in Ecuador and East Africa.

“Some of the most meaningful [work] was when I was doing work with women and Ecuador and mostly in Kenya and East Africa. Those were just really meaningful times and really shaped how I viewed the world,” Hein said.

Her work focused on the empowerment of women. Hein described the empowerment of women as, “Helping them understand their own values and their own gifts.”

“I learned so much about what is the universality of being a woman,” Hein said.

She noticed that women here and women in other countries could have the same hopes and dreams for their children and for themselves.

Hein brings everything she learned abroad to Linfield. Instead of working with women solely, she works with youth, but she sees that being just as special.

“Every big change comes from youth, and that is why it’s so fun to be here and watch that happen. And we need a lot of change. I believe that with all my heart,” Hein said.

Hein sees change especially in some of the African villages she worked with, but she also sees a lot of room for change whenever she visits.

“They have cellphones, but they may not have clean water. We need more encompassing values to learn how to live in a global community,” Hein said.

There is definitely change, though. Hein points to the stress that so many Linfield students and young people everywhere feel trying to keep up.

“We’re changing so fast. We can’t even catch our breath,” Hein said. Hein has some advice for younger women following their dreams.

“You have to be your true self, and don’t do it alone. We aren’t alone. And do it with love. It changes more,” Hein said.

Gilberto Galvez/Features editor

Gilberto Galvez can be reached at

[email protected]

This painting hangs in Hein’s office. She worked for a few years in an African village, spreading education and learning people’s stories.

Delane Hein, area director for community standards, lives on campus and is one of the few in charge of resident advisors.

A string of elephants hang by the window of Hein’s office. Hein worked with women in Ecuador and in East Africa.

The corkboard hangs over Hein’s desk. On it are various
souvenirs from students or ones she has gotten on her own.

All photos by Rosa Johnson/Copy editor

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