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The student news site of Linfield University

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The Linfield Review

Stories from the past: Linfield’s archives reach modern eyes and ears

Hidden in the back of the library is a room kept at a constant refrigerator-like temperature.

Mechanized, moving shelves make up the interior, and on these shelves are many of Linfield’s wonders that have been sent in by alumni or past faculty members. Some of the items are sorted while others are still waiting to be placed. But all of the varying memorabilia are incredibly interesting.

“[Nicholson Library] was built in ’03, and at that point they built the archives and started kind of throwing stuff back there, but they didn’t have an archivist until two years ago. The building is ten years old, but it hasn’t been really actively worked on for much of that time,” said Rich Schmidt, director of resource sharing.

The shelves are sorted into three main sections: the Linfield Archive, the Baptist Archive, an archive of various publications focused on Baptists, and the Oregon Wine History Archive.

The archives are open to anyone, and Schmidt encourages students to sign up for a tour. Almost anything in the archives can be touched. It is meant to be interactive and alive, a place that reveals Linfield and Oregon wines through the ages.

Wood covered in leather makes up the cover of this old Bible from 1541. Rich Schmidt, director of resource sharing, was not sure which country it originated in, but he knows it was from Scandinavia. The Bible is one of the oldest items in the archives, but it is still in great shape. The cover is split in the middle, but the text remains readable.

Within the wine archive is Oregon grape grower Jim McDaniel’s journal, inside it is rainfall and sugar levels showing the wines’ evolution.

Photo negatives hide on one of the shelves. Alumni, descendants and past faculty can send in their old memorabilia to the archives.

A glass from a ¡Salud! auction is displayed at the archives. The auction was part of a program that provides migrant workers with healthcare.

The varsity basketball team 1931 poses for the team photo in the picture.

One of the freshman hats sits in a box. First years had to wear this hat at all times at a point in Linfield’s history to be marked as freshmen.

Scrapbooks contain a week-by-week catalogue of a year in Linfield’s history. It is similar to the “Wildcat Weekly” of today but without email.

All photos by Rosa Johnson/Copy editor


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