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  • The Linfield Review receives 10 PNAJE awards


    The Linfield Review receives 10 PNAJE awards

  • Gays and their grapes: Kadens Komments final sign off

    Kaden's Komments

    Gays and their grapes: Kaden’s Komments’ final sign off

  • Ceramics student Savy Short throws wood into the kiln. (Grace Fjermedal)


    Art in the hillside: Linfield students visit East Creek Art to experience the anagama kiln

  • Young practicing with his racket.


    Defying the expectations

  • Riley and Rowan practicing dribbling.


    A team of two

  • The Review takes home eight awards in ONPA Collegiate Newspaper Contest


    The Review takes home eight awards in ONPA Collegiate Newspaper Contest

  • Kendra and I enjoy our lattes and (try to) work on our lab write ups at Flag and Wire


    One coffee shop to rule them all

  • Khan at practice diving for a ball.


    Keeping his rhythm with baseball

  • Feinglas getting ready to race.


    Chasing an NCAA qualifier and a break in the rain

  • Linfield students practicing for the upcoming dance showcase. (Annemarie Mullet)


    A peek into the Linfield Dance Ensemble: Student showcase scheduled for this weekend

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The student news site of Linfield University

The Linfield Review

The student news site of Linfield University

The Linfield Review

The student news site of Linfield University

The Linfield Review

Beatrice DeGraw in action making her seasonal recipes

Treat Tricks with Beatrice

Laney Green, Staff Writer February 3, 2021

The only thing that could top the infamous pumpkin spice latte? Homemade syrups. “Making syrups is just kind of fun for me, I like it a lot,” says Beatrice DeGraw, a Linfield University Junior.  DeGraw...

Art by Annemarie Mullet

5 easy tips to help you de-stress

Charlotte Abramson, Features Editor January 28, 2021

Let’s be honest, no one is perfect when it comes to dealing with stress. It’s way easier to eat your weight in Goldfish crackers and drink 4 cups of coffee than to sit down and address how to properly...

The Linfield dance team showing off their new uniforms

Stepping into something new: The Linfield dance team’s new uniforms

Nicole Sterba, Life & Culture Editor January 26, 2021

Whether they’re pumping us up on move-in day or performing fabulous halftime shows, the Linfield University dance team always looks spectacular. This January, it was time for a well-deserved upgrade...

Art by Emma Inge

“Bly Manor” is the weird cousin of “Hill House”

Emma Olson, Opinions Editor December 4, 2020

After enjoying Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, I eagerly awaited the release of its follow-up series, The Haunting of Bly Manor. It did not disappoint.  This series, completely separate from...

Art by Emma Inge

The Queen’s Gambit – the turbulence that comes with prodigy

Emma Inge, Staff Writer December 1, 2020

Released October 23rd, Netflix’s 7 part mini-series The Queen's Gambit was definitely binge-worthy. Although most of the episodes averaged about 50 minutes, the complex story never felt dull. With characters...

American Head marks the bands 17th studio album since 1986.

“American Head” a nostalgic return to form for The Flaming Lips

Ethan Myers, Managing Editor November 14, 2020

Glancing at the tracklist, song titles mentioning quaaludes, LSD and weed might suggest that “American Head” is just another run-of-the-mill, trip down psychedelic rock for The Flaming Lips. And in...

Art by Maddie Loverich

Efron’s new adventure show calls for change

Maddie Loverich, Sports Editor November 13, 2020

How to get young people to listen/care/notice environmental issues? Let Zac Efron take the reins. Down to Earth with Zac Efron was released on Netflix this summer, and it’s becoming more relevant...

Art by Emma Inge

Remember when Emily could go to Paris?

Laney Green, Staff Writer November 8, 2020

There may not be a consequential point in watching Emily in Paris, but you probably still should. This new Netflix series is filled with heart, ambition, and stereotypical references that frame main...

Linfields performing arts center

Campus alive with the sound of music

Riley Omonaka, Staff Writer November 4, 2020

On Friday, Oct. 16, live music rumbled from the Ford Courtyard. Courtesy of the Linfield music department, concerts have once again graced the McMinnville campus.  The event, titled Unity, highlighted...

Art by Emma Inge

“Enola Holmes” adds a witty side to the original Sherlock story

Emma Inge, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

Netflix released the new film Enola Holmes on September 24, receiving a 91% on rotten tomatoes with a 71% audience score. Based on the book The Case of the Missing Marquess, the story follows Enola, sister...

The entrance of Baumans corn maze looms ahead

5 ways for students to enjoy spooky season (safely) 

Maddie Loverich, Sports Editor October 28, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how adaptable people can be. While many events and gatherings have been put on pause to protect our health and safety, but creativity has prevailed in finding...

The Lou Gallery entrance

Digital art in a physical gallery

Nicole Sterba, Life & Culture Editor October 26, 2020

The Linfield University Art department continues to bring much-needed color to campus, even as COVID guidelines limit normal student life. What’s more fun than creating art virtually? Mid October,...

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