Review: Linfield Theatre's SWEAT

Review: Linfield Theatre’s SWEAT

Maddie Loverich , Writer November 15, 2019

Linfield’s production of SWEAT, directed by Adleane Hunter, takes you on a ride through the lives of factory workers in Reading, Pennsylvania, as they struggle through economic troubles and racial issues....

Sydney Joss communicating with the spirits in Pioneer Hall

Linfield closed Pioneer housing this year, but new investigation suggests that someone may still live there

Camille Botello, News Editor November 5, 2019

One step up. Now two, three, four. The floor squeaks and the temperature falls. Your breathing shortens as the hollow air and vacant rooms send a tiny electrical surge down your spine.  Most people...

Hispanic Heritage Celebration 2019

Hispanic Heritage Celebration 2019

Vanessa Kelly, Photographer October 26, 2019

New restaurants bring big flavors to McMinnville

New restaurants bring big flavors to McMinnville

Angel Rosas, Managing Editor October 8, 2019

Even with fifty-five restaurants in McMinnville it sometimes feels like the options around this little town can get stale. So when those grand opening signs pop up on third street it is cause for excitement.  I ...

'Hustlers' unique and empowering take on crime genre

‘Hustlers’ unique and empowering take on crime genre

Maddie Loverich, Writer October 8, 2019

Yes, this movie is about strippers. But would you believe me if I also said Hustlers was one of the most empowering movies I’ve seen in a long time? Stripping and empowerment seem to be an unlikely duo,...

Calder Ifft

Stripping away stereotypes one male nurse at a time

Camille Botello, News Editor October 1, 2019

Josh Morales walks into his patient’s room with this week’s lesson in his head and a full beard on his face. He says that since male nurses are the minority, he’s always conscious about treating...

Senior Melory Mirashrafi’s Sally Bowles and sophomore Sam Hannigan’s Cliff Bradshaw share an intimate conversation over a bottle of gin.

‘Cabaret’ a dark, sensual tragedy of politics, personality

Angel Rosas, News Editor May 6, 2019

Although “Cabaret” is the last production of the Linfield Theatre’s 99th season, the questions and themes that are raised in the historical musical will linger in the audience’s mind well after...

‘Endgame’ promises grand finale to ‘Avengers’ saga

Angel Rosas and Grant Beltrami April 22, 2019

With 21 movies, six television shows, and millions of fans around the world, the conclusion to one of the most ambitious film series ever is coming to an end.  Not a permanent end obviously, Disney...

Wildstock hype builds

Emma Olson, Staff Writer April 22, 2019

It was recently announced that this year’s Wildstock performers will be contemporary R&B and hip-hop artist Marc E. Bassy with indie pop and R&B singer Viaa opening.   Bassy is known for...

‘Captain Marvel’ more than your average superhero movie

Emma Olson , Staff Writer April 8, 2019

“Captain Marvel” is Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie. While this is obviously a step in the right direction, this shouldn’t be as big of a deal as it is. There are plenty of female...

Bassy, Viaa to play Wildstock ’19 to play Wildstock ‘19

Elijah O'Bryant, Staff Writer April 8, 2019

It was set up to be a tease the entire evening, waiting until the end of the night’s karaoke set to release the news. At the most recent late-night at Dillin event, LCAT unveiled a video announcing...

‘She Kills Monsters’ review: D&D based play brings all the feels

Emma Olson , Writer March 17, 2019

Linfield Theatre recently presented “She Kills Monsters,” a play about Dungeons & Dragons, sisterhood, being queer, and the 90s. This eclectic mix of topics came together to form a brilliant show. Although...

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