The Linfield Review

Tenacity prevails in intramural sports

Emma Knudson, Staff writer

March 18, 2018

Some people might think intramural sports are a joke. Others may think they’re enticing. And the rest may not even know they exist. But to those involved in these exciting collegiate leagues, they’re not only a fun way to befriend new teammates, but the tenacity of the athletes brings the competition...

Exploring the world through amazing food

Elin Johnson, Staff writer

March 5, 2018

Jake Olson is a junior studying international business with minors in management and economics. He is from Forest Grove, Oregon, which is about 40 minutes north of McMinnville. Aside from an exchange he did in middle school to Niigata, Japan, this is his first time studying abroad. He has traveled abroad...

New chem professor sticks close to home

Fiona Kelley, Staff writer

March 5, 2018

When I sat down with Professor Andrew Baggett, I just knew him as my general chemistry professor. I now know that he is an avid cyclist (confirmed by the bike propped up in his office) and a motivated teacher. Baggett grew up in Silverton, Oregon, and has always had a connection with the Pacific...

Don’t be a drag!

Emma Knudson, Staff writer

February 18, 2018

If you’ve ever watched a swim meet, you may have noticed that the competitors make every effort to be as smooth and streamlined in the water as possible, including swim caps, specialized swimsuits (or for men, speedos—one of the only sports in which the men’s uniform is more scant than the women’s?),...

Linfield alumna makes it onto NBC

Hannah Curry, Staff writer

February 18, 2018

NBC’s newest sitcom “A.P. Bio” features Linfield alumna, Aparna Brielle ’15, as she debuts in her role as a snarky and brilliant high school student. A.P. Bio is about a Harvard philosophy professor, Jack Griffin, played by Glenn Howerton, who finds himself teaching an Advanced Placement high...

Study abroad in China has broadened my view, appreciation of the world

Mihretabe Gizaw, For the Review

February 18, 2018

China, China, China. It seems like that’s all I’ve heard for the better portion of the last two years. Now that I’m here, I’m starting to understand what all the hype is about. I have to admit, I had my biases about this place. Some preconceived notions that were either spot on or the farthest...

Students make most out of Jan term break

Braelyn Swan, Staff Writer

February 6, 2018

January term is a great chance to study abroad, take time away from school, be with family, or pick up a few extra credits for the month. This last January term Linfield students did all of this and so much more. Senior Ashlyn Edmundo had the opportunity to take a January term course abroad in New Zeala...

Sustainability coordinator resigns, committee searching for replacement

Kyle Huizinga, Staff Writer

February 6, 2018

Duncan Reid, Linfield’s current sustainability coordinator, will resign from his position at the start of spring semester. Reid is a Linfield alumnus who has held the position since 2013. During his five-year tenure as the first sustainability coordinator at Linfield, Reid established many programs and e...

Students abroad participate in Japanese, Galapagos traditions during holiday season

Braelyn Swan, Staff writer

November 27, 2017

The holidays are the best time of year to be with family and fulfill family traditions. Most Linfield students can return home to their families at Thanksgiving and do what their families do. However, students who are studying abroad do not have this option. Although some do have plans to celebrate while...

Thank you for your service

Kaho Akau, Staff writer

November 12, 2017

He sat in a booth at a local Denny’s in San Clemente, California. A platoon mate joined him as he devoured his Lumberjack Slam, each bite of bacon, eggs and pancakes more delicious than those that preceded. Then their waitress walked over to the table with a smile. She pointed across the diner. “That...

Setting the pace, with heart, student leads an active life

Malia Riggs, Staff writer

November 12, 2017

“I’m battery-operated,” Linfield student Claire St. Marie, acknowledged. “This is me. I’m kind of like Iron Man. At least that sounds the most cool when I tell people I have a pacemaker.” St. Marie is a junior nursing major on Linfield's Portland campus. She's also a member of the school...

Fresh perspective for HHPA faculty

Camille Botello, Staff writer

November 12, 2017

The Linfield Health and Human Performance department is welcoming a new assistant professor to their team. Professor Cisco Reyes came to Oregon as a college freshman from Moscow, Idaho, to play baseball at Pacific University in Forest Grove. After receiving his undergraduate degrees in Exercise Science...