Tenacity prevails in intramural sports

Emma Knudson, Staff writer

Some people might think intramural sports are a joke. Others may think they’re enticing. And the rest may not even know they exist.

But to those involved in these exciting collegiate leagues, they’re not only a fun way to befriend new teammates, but the tenacity of the athletes brings the competition level to new heights.

Senior Cole Keener, who participates in IM football and basketball, has participated in IM sports throughout his entire college career.

“IM sports is the definition of competitive. Everyone wants to win and it’s fun to be a part of,” Keener said.

“I don’t think in my four years here that I have ever played a game that was taken lightly by my team. We always want to win and we all take it very seriously.”

This competitive yet fun atmosphere has only enhanced his college experience.

“I always tell people that it is the greatest thing you could do on a Tuesday night with your friends,” Keener said.

Senior IM basketball athlete Connor Sende also appreciates the zeal and tenacity of IM sports.

“The competitive nature of IM basketball is unique because you can’t really get it in open gyms, or regular pick-up basketball,” Sende said.

His fondest memory of participating in IM basketball is centered around the level of competition that arises during games, specifically during a game against Linfield IM team Left Bench All-Stars.

Competition doesn’t end in IM sports after a regular series of games, as championship games are a sought-after element on any IM sports team.

Keener recalls the championship game between IM football and IM baseball as his fondest memory throughout his time as an intramural athlete.

“It was the best game we have ever played and even though we came up short in the last second, I had so much fun. It was the same team I have been on since my freshmen year and we came a long way as a team,” Keener said.

However, participating in an intramural sport is not an entirely cutthroat undertaking.

Senior and IM football and basketball participant Brandon Armosino said, “It can get very competitive sometimes, but at the end of the day it is all for fun and it’s a blast.”

Armosino, Keener, and Sende all praised IM sports as not only a means for exercise, but also as a valuable social environment.

“It is a great way to make new friends, get active, and feel a good sense of camaraderie,” Sende said.

The fun doesn’t only last throughout the season, which is usually around a month in a given IM sport.

“I think people don’t know how fun it really is and how creative you can get recruiting people to be on your team,” Keener said.

This creativity is manifested in recruiting and in social media, as IM teams post updates, pictures, and pre- and post-game interviews.