Linfield fraternity reaches out to community

Samantha Sigler

After receiving Linfield’s Campus Outstanding Service Award for three consecutive years and achieving 2,000 plus hours of service last year, Linfield’s Kappa Sigma Fraternity has begun to build a reputation it is proud to uphold.

“Community service is important to us,” said sophomore Dylan Ruef, grand master of Kappa Sigma.

Service is one of the four pillars for Kappa Sigma, a pillar it is proud of having represent its fraternity.
The other three pillars include scholarship, leadership and fellowship.

Kappa Sigma has collaborated with McMinnville Wastewater Services division to help protect local rivers and streams.

The group has put up “no dumping” signs around McMinnville in an effort to stop pollution, as well as, to give back to the community.

By doing this, the group hopes to encourage McMinnville residents to avoid dumping in the water, as well as, to remind residents that storm water; continues to go untreated into the rivers.

In addition to aiding the community with water safety and awareness, Kappa Sigma is also known for its community service to the Special Olympics with bowling during the fall and with aiding them with track and field in the spring.

The men also spend a lot of their volunteering time at soup kitchens.

So far this year, they have reached a little more than 1,000 hours of community service and plan on gaining even more by the end of the semester.

“[We are] always looking
for stuff to do [and] ways to give back,” Ruef said.

Kappa Sigma plans to continue with its good
service reputation and always encourages others in Greek life, as well as those in the Linfield
community, to come join in with volunteer activities.
Samantha Sigler/
News editor
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