Exhibition displays array of student work

Samantha Sigler

Every type of art from paintings, to sculptures to video was presented in Linfield’s Gallery on Dec. 3 for Linfield’s 2011 Annual Juried Exhibition.

The event displayed students’ works and included three guest jurors: Liz Obert, associate professor of art; Avantika Bawa, an assistant professor at Washington State in Vancouver; and Susan Agre-Kippenhan, dean of faculty and vice president for Academic Affairs.

It was up to the three jurors to deliberate and decide which art pieces would be selected and placed into the gallery. Pieces that were not chosen were placed in the 2011 Annual Salon des Refuses in the Linfield Studio Gallery.

Many factors go into choosing pieces to place in the gallery.

“I look at what appeals to me, how well it’s put together and the content of what I think it’s about,” Obert said. “There’s a lot of subjectivity with three jurors.”

The judges had many different pieces to choose from, making it difficult to pick which pieces would be selected and which would not, as well as which pieces deserved first, second or third place and honorable mentions.

First through third place were awarded cash prizes and trophies, and honorable mentions received blue ribbons.

“The show as a whole was a great group of artwork,” Cristopher Moss, gallery director and curator, said. The event contained “every spectrum of the art,” which gave the gallery a more diverse look throughout the event.

“[The event] brings community together,” Moss said, which was shown by the broad spectrum of students which entered their artwork.

The honorable mention went to artist Amy Hardy, a senior enrolled in Linfield’s nursing program at the Portland campus. Hardy emailed Moss explaining she wished to enter the contest, however, was unable to drive down and enter her work. Moss drove to Portland and picked up her paintings for her, explaining that it was a “great opportunity” to be involved in.

Out of the 22 selected artists, first place winner was junior Ziyun Liang, who won $175, second place winner was senior Emily Anderson, who won $75, and third place winner was freshman Hoi Ling Cheng, who won $35.

Honorable mentions were awarded to senior Amy Hardy and sophomore Julie Sadino, while the gallery choice that Moss was able to choose went to senior Alison Pate.

Samantha Sigler/
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