Learn to stand on your own two feet, not parents’

By the time we reach college, or by the time we are out on our own, one would think we would be able to take care of problems ourselves.

At college, you can’t handle situations like you did at home. Your parents are not going to fix the toilet for you at college; you have to make the calls necessary to do so. Problems are not going to magically fix themselves, if there are issues, you cannot just expect them to go away.

No one is going to make appointments for you to see the doctor, and no one is going to do your laundry for you. Those are things you need to take care of yourself, and for many of us, college may be the first place we have to do these kinds of things.

There is more to college than the lessons we learn in the classroom. There are valuable things to be gained when handling problems and trying to take care of situations.

For example, the printer in Renshaw Hall’s lab was out of toner a week ago. It had been like that for about two weeks. People were complaining, upset their papers looked bad, and they had to pay money for the poor quality.

At one point during this two-week period, I was talking to a friend about how upsetting it was the papers were turning out like this and how we wondered if there was anything being done about it.

We had the thought Integrated Technology Services did not know the toner was out and that was why the problem had not been fixed yet. My friend decided she would let ITS know the toner was out, just to see if anyone said anything.

ITS promptly got back to her, and the problem was fixed within the hour. This leads me to believe nothing was said prior to her e-mail.

You would think at this point in our lives if something we are paying for is not up to a certain standard, especially when that something affects papers we are handing in to professors, we would do something about it.

All of the numbers for the all campus services are easily accessible. ITS is located in Mac Hall, only a short walk from Renshaw. There is no excuse for just allowing problems to continue, and then complaining about them.

It is time to stand up and take the initiative to fix problems or contact those who can. It is time to stop complaining and start acting.