Dance show tumbles from lack of participation

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This year’s Fall Dance Showcase, originally scheduled for Dec. 4, was canceled because of a lack of participants.
Sophomore Kira Weaver said that a shortage of new student interest contributed to its cancellation.
“A lot of freshmen don’t know about it, so it makes it hard for them to get involved because dance is still really small on this campus,” she said.
This cancellation is expected to be a one-time occurrence, Adjunct Professor of Dance Emily Crocker said. The Spring Dance Showcase, which is student-produced through the Linfield Dance Ensemble, is still scheduled for next semester.
“The people who normally choreograph are abroad this year or busy,” Weaver said.
Weaver performed in the showcase last year and planned to perform this year until its cancellation. She said junior Mai Doan, who also performed last year, would have been likely to participate again but is studying abroad in France.
Last fall’s showcase drew a considerable crowd to Ice Auditorium, with special guests performing from McMinnville’s Mountain Warrior Kung Fu Academy’s Demo Team. But this year, there weren’t enough performers to fill the program.
The showcase began two years ago and is sponsored by Crocker. The fall performance was coordinated with the intent to make it annual to complement the Dance Ensemble’s formal Spring Dance Showcase. Students with their own choreography and campus groups, such as the Bellydance Club, typically perform.

Gabi Nygaard/Staff reporter
Gabi Nygaard can be reached at [email protected]