Wakeford-Evans aspires to mix physics and music

Joelle Cheek

Arts/ent/ops editor

Senior Matt Wakeford-Evans has been around music since his father sang to him in the womb.

His father’s musical talent had much to do with his musical aspirations. Wakeford-Evans writes his own songs and plays multiple instruments, ranging from the flute to the guitar.

Wakeford-Evans, a general science major with a focus in math and a double minor in physics and philosophy, said he hopes to teach high school physics after graduation.

His musical career at Linfield has earned him first place in Mr. Linfield, Mr. Phi Sig, Spring Sing and the annual Alpha Phi Star Search. He  also performed in the March 13 CatCab, with his father as a special guest. Wakeford-Evans’ said his drive for performing comes from the enjoyment of it.

“Performing is exhilarating,” Wakeford-Evans said. “You lose yourself in your performance.”

He said his singing today would not have been possible without his father.

His father was a member of a band in the ‘70s and taught at the same Waldrof grade school that Wakeford-Evans attended. His father also plays five instruments, including trumpet, guitar, piano and the recorder,  which exposed Wakeford-Evans to many different musical styles, he said.

“I have been in a choir and played instruments from kindergarten to high school,” Wakeford-Evans said.

Graduating next week, Wakeford-Evans’plans for his future to include music. 

“I don’t want to be a rock star,” Wakeford-Evans said. “My audience is going to be my future
class and my kids.”

Wakeford-Evans said he is ready to take on fatherhood and is musically ready for it as well.

“I have a play list on iTunes for the songs I want to play to my kids,” Wakeford-Evans said. “My dad sang to me while I was growing up and I want that for my kids.”

Some of the artists that have inspired him are Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel and music from the 1980s.

“I listen to any music that generates a feeling,” Wakeford-Evans said. “Some music just plain tries
too hard.”

He said his inspiration for his songs comes from relationships with other people. The method of writing songs has been one of  sheer happening for him.         

The process for Wakeford-Evans is undefined and random. He says the song practically writes itself once he begins to play a chord.