Rare syndrome strikes Mac High Athletes

The ailment, known as compartment syndrome, results from pressure in a “compartment,” in this case, a muscle, according to an Aug. 20 article in the News-Register. This high pressure impedes blood flow to the muscle.
Rumors and accusations flew wild following the incident, with suggestions of mistreatment, abuse and even steroid use. One source claims that the players were not allowed to drink water until their 20-minute workout drills were completed, despite the fact that they were working in heat upwards of 90 degrees.
While the specific cause of the condition remains unknown, three players returned blood tests negative for any use of performance-enhancing drugs. The Oregon State Department of Human Services is expected to release it’s full findings this week.
No reports of compartment syndrome have emerged among Linfield athletes so far.

~Compiled by Chris Forrer/Freelancer