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Songs of Love and Freedom: A celebration of Ukrainian music

Amelia Solt
The Linfield Choir performing

There are a few things in life that are able to join people together no matter their backgrounds and differences. Music is one of those things. And in times of heartbreak, tragedy and violence, the power of music can bring people together to overcome anything.

This was demonstrated on the night of Thursday, February 29, when community members, Linfield students and faculty came together in Ice Auditorium at 7 p.m. to celebrate the art and beauty of Ukrainian music as well as share the heartache that comes from the continued war waged on the Ukrainian people.

As 7 p.m. approached, Ice Auditorium gradually filled up with community members, students and faculty. People greeted each other with smiles and soft chatter filled the room as everyone waited for the concert to begin.

Finally, the lights dimmed, the chatter turned into silence and two people stepped onto the stage. Those two people were Dr. Olivia Baker, playing the violin and Stanislav Serebriannikov, playing the piano. Together, the two played a beautiful piece that truly kicked off the concert in the best possible way, giving the audience an introduction to what was to come.

From then on, there was a flood of pieces performed by a variety of musicians and vocalists that carried on for about two hours.

The music was beautiful but what really stood out were the emotions that were both seen and felt inside the auditorium. These emotions were shared between the people on stage and the audition sitting below them throughout the night.

There were personal stories told of the impact the war had on the individuals on stage, their families, and their friends. In moments, there were tears shed as the tragedies of the war were reflected on but in other moments, laughter rang through the auditorium as jokes were told by the very personable musicians.

The Linfield Concert Choir, led by Dr. Julie Cross also made an appearance during the night, accompanying vocalist Inna Kovtun in singing several Ukrainian classics. It was amazing to see Linfield students participate in a completely different culture than what they know and take the time to learn the songs and the language.

Those who attended the concert on the final night of February got to witness not just a concert, but a masterpiece of music, culture and emotion. Everyone in the auditorium celebrated Ukraine and saw and heard the beauty of the country’s culture.

There’s nothing better than a group of strangers coming together through the power of music and the celebration of a culture that may be little known to those attending but could still be greatly appreciated for the beauty and history that it holds.

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