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Unveiling the Thrifted Treasures: PD Thrift’s Journey

Photo by: Matt Aguilera

Ever curious about what unfolds beyond the classroom and the sports field? Well, brace yourself for a thrilling revelation. Meet the dynamic duo, Danilo Petrovic and Josh Puccinelli, the masterminds behind the electrifying venture known as “PD Thrifts.”

Danilo Petrovic and Josh Punncinelli, both Linfield University basketball players, share a love for thrifting, especially for vintage clothes. Danilo started thrifting out of necessity, as he couldn’t afford stylish clothes that fit his body type. He also saw an opportunity to sell vintage finds. In contrast, Josh’s passion for clothing and reselling led him to thrifting. He finds thrifting thrilling, with endless possibilities and affordable prices. Josh enjoys the hunt for valuable vintage pieces, often hidden by those who don’t realize their worth.

Petrovic and Puccinelli created the Instagram page in January of 2023. They both run the thrifting account where they try to post every Sunday after a day of thrifting in the early mornings.

PD Thrift’s Instagram Logo

Petrovic and Puccinelli both wanted something short and something that would roll off the tongue. So they came up with P for Puccinelli and D for Danilo.

“Danilo and I have talked about the possibility of opening a storefront between us and a few of our friends,” said Puccineli.

Puccinelli and Petrovic share a common aspiration for the future: the possibility of launching a thrift store with some of their friends in Seattle. As they navigate the exciting journey with PD Thrifts, they are eager to see where it may ultimately lead them.

Petrovic is majoring in marketing. He explains how majoring in marketing while running a business has been a great help. While learning the marketing aspect he has been able to use the tools to help make the business better and to be successful.

“We have the tools and knowledge necessary, so why not get started on our own,” said Puccinelli.

Petrovic and Puccinelli both saw how other thrifters had built on Instagram and what they were able to find by thrifting. Petrovic and Puccinelli mainly go to Goodwill Outlets (the bins). They realized with the combination of the two they had the tools and knowledge to get started with their Instagram business.

Thrifted clothes they have posted on their Instagram. @PD Thrifts

Petrovic and Puccinelli have been successful in their business venture, taking their skills and products to various markets in Oregon and Washington. Going to 10 markets together is a significant accomplishment. Participating in these markets provides valuable exposure, connections with customers and expands their business presence.

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