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Annemarie Mullet

As I start my final semester at Linfield University, in recent days I find myself reminiscing about the unique journey I’ve undertaken in the close-knit community we have here at Linfield. As someone who’s experienced both the charms and challenges of a small school, I’m eager to share five tips for first-year students who are learning to navigate this campus for the first time.

1. Time Management is Not a Myth

It won’t be long before the reality sinks in that you can’t possibly squeeze in rewatching all 134 episodes of ‘Shameless’ and still meet those last-minute deadlines for your INQS 125 class. If there’s one invaluable piece of advice echoed across campus, it’s understanding the art of time management before it’s too late. As you embark on this semester, take a moment to assess your own academic stride. If you have a hard time juggling a busy workload, there’s no shame in opting for a lighter course load. Every student here is sharing the same quest to make the most of their college journey. Yet, amid all the excitement, always remember to prioritize your schoolwork first. If you don’t, you might regret it later.

2. Instant Ramen is your Friend, Not Your BFF

We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of the night and you’re hungry. You want to snack, so you reach for the Cup of Noodles to satisfy that late-night fix. While snacks like these are quick and easy and can help satisfy your nighttime cravings every so often, it’s important to try to come up with healthy alternatives when you can. Swapping out the Cup of Noodles for some grapes or a banana at night is not only better for your body but it will help you sustain energy in the day and keep you moving through the day through activities like sports, clubs, or other academic involvements.

3. Put Your Phone Away, It’ll Only Betray You

I’ll be completely transparent with you, this is something I’m still working on myself. Put away your phone before bed! Getting out of bed for those 7:30 a.m. discussion-based classes three times a week is no small feat (kudos to the Linfield Master’s cohort). But trust me, I vividly recall that just a year ago, even rising for my 9:00 a.m. felt like pulling teeth some days. However, let me share a nugget of wisdom that has made those early mornings a tad less tortuous – the magical art of putting your damn phone down. Yes, I know, scrolling through TikTok can be irresistibly entertaining, and catching a late-night movie seems like the ultimate way to unwind. But hear me out. Swap that screen time for a good ol’ book – not the dry academic kind, but a gripping novel that not only spares your eyes from relentless blue light but also lulls you into a blissful slumber faster than you can say ‘Netflix binge.’ Your sleep-deprived self will thank you later.

4. Party Smart, Not Hard

The newfound independence that comes with college life is a thrilling rollercoaster of excitement and overwhelming freedom. Suddenly, you find yourself without parental curfews and the weekends stretch before you like a blank canvas. Sure, parties can be fun, but your liver and sleep schedule might start drafting a formal complaint letter. Here’s my advice: On the rare occasions when someone on this small campus decides to throw not once but twice a weekend, consider booking yourself in for one of those nights out and reserving the other night for a cozy in, complete with a late-night movie marathon. Or even better, take on the noble role of designated driver for one of your friends. Your liver, your roommates, and your future self will appreciate you for that in the future.

5. Nicholson Library Is A Magical Place

When I tell you it always astounds me when I encounter folks who’ve never experienced the sheer magic that is the Nicholson Library, I am shocked. My personal journey with the library began in the midst of the COVID-19 maelstrom during the fall semester of my sophomore year. Back then, my room had become my one-stop-shop for eating, sleeping, breathing, and living, 24/7. The library quickly became my escape pod. Since then, it has remained my sanctuary for focused concentration and diligent work. I haven’t spent a weekend away from the library since those early days, and this habit has firmly entrenched itself as one of my favorites. Even if your library visit isn’t primarily motivated by homework, it’s an exceptional space for those seeking a bit of serenity for concentration, going through emails, or simply immersing oneself in the pages of a good book.

As you embark on your Linfield journey, I hope these five insights serve as your trusty companions, guiding you through the highs and lows of your college experience. Embrace the adventure, make the most of every moment, and remember that you’re part of a community that’s here to support you every step of the way.

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Kathryn Canfield
Kathryn Canfield, Public Relations Manager
Kathryn is a senior studying journalism, digital arts, and sports management. She was born and raised in Portland, Ore., and always knew she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps and attend Linfield University. She is very passionate about sharing her creativity with others. Some of Kathryn's favorite hobbies are snowboarding, designing, and spending time with her friends and family. Currently, she is a student intern in the Web Communications Department, where she continues her passion for writing by creating the stories posed on Voices of Linfield. After Linfield, she is currently looking to pursue her master's in Production and Media Studies. Once she earns her degree, she hopes to seek a career in media production or public relations somewhere close to her family. One day she hopes to be a media relations or social media manager for a sports team.
Annemarie Mullet
Annemarie Mullet, Managing Editor

Annemarie Mullet is a senior from Kirkland, Wash. She is a digital arts major and creative writing minor. Annemarie also works at the Writing Center and in the digital art lab. When not working or doing school, Annemarie can be found doing art, crocheting, sewing, reading, or spending time with her ESA bunny, Mocha.

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