5 things to know about Wildstock


Graphic provided by ASLU

The time has come for Linfield University’s annual concert, Wildstock. But first, there are things you should know about the upcoming event. In order to feel prepped and ready to jam out with your fellow students, here are five things you should know about Wildstock this year:

1. When and where

Wildstock will take place Saturday, May 6. The “doors” open at six p.m. and the concert will officially begin at 7 p.m. This year, the event will be located in the Vivian Bull Music Center parking lot. This relocation from the Intramural field was in part made to ensure students that their shoes won’t get coated with mud this year! The stage will be facing north, toward the Hewlett Packard apartments. The trees will frame the entrance, welcoming you into the concert grounds. There will be booths and food trucks lining the area.


2. Artists

The opener for this year’s concert is Madeline Merlo, the 2021 Canadian Country Music Association Songwriter of the Year. She’s known for her unique approach to country music that’s both authentic and catchy. The headliner of the night is country artist Chris Lane. Lucky for Linfield, he is taking time out of his tour schedule to perform at Wildstock. 

“[Lane’s] most well known songs are actually pretty upbeat and yes some of his newer stuff is a little slower,” said Faith Sposito, head of Wildcat Events Board (WEB). “I would encourage students to look at songs past his new releases to prepare.”


3. Tickets and guest passes

Tickets and guest passes go on sale April 14 starting at 5 p.m. Tickets are free for Linfield undergraduate students. Graduate student tickets and guest passes are $10.


4. Vendors

WEB has booked a handful of food trucks for the occasion. ASLU will be handing out limited free food vouchers, so be sure to come at opening time to be first in line. There will be a snack station with small grab n’ go goodies and a beer garden for guests over 21. Those 21+ will be eligible for one free beer. A photobooth and a face painting station will also be on site.


5. Rain or shine 

The show will go on regardless of the weather. With the current weather patterns, it may be smart to start planning your outfit accordingly. Since this year does feature a country artist, it may be fun to dress to the theme. Make sure your cowboy hat can fit over a rain coat hood, wear warm enough socks in your boots, etc… All things denim and plaid aren’t enforced, but they are highly encouraged. 

Any further questions or concerns about Wildstock can be directed to [email protected].