Dog Appreciation Month


Seniors Jordan Worthington and Marques Herrera smile next to 6 months old Zeus.

It’s Dog Appreciation Month! During the month of April make sure to take some extra time to show all the dogs in your life a little extra love. Maybe give them an extra treat, buy them a new toy, or take them for a nice long walk to show just how much you appreciate having them by your side. To help celebrate we asked Linfield student’s why they appreciate having a dog in their lives. 



This is Archer. Archer is about 3 years old and is a mix of chihuahua, American pit bull terrier, small poodle, and miniature pinscher. He hates the rain and being wet, making him an expert at finding sunny spots – even in the rain. 

His owner Kate Rosson, a sophomore marketing major, stated that she appreciates Archer for holding her accountable. 

“Archer keeps me on a schedule. I get to wake up in the morning and take him outside, and I love that when I have to feed him I have to feed myself,” Rosson said. “He keeps me on track and active. He is an easy one to take care of. He is the calmest, chillest, bestest ever.”



This is Arlo. Arlo is a 6 year old black lab and Australian shepard mix. He is a big sweet dog that loves to show off every single one of toys to everyone that comes to visit. 

His owner Alora Gates, a senior marketing major, gushed about how much she appreciates having Arlo in her life. 

“Arlo’s my bestie, he goes with me everywhere,” she said. “He is always there for me, and I can always count on him. He brings a sense of calm and peace in a world where I’m always busy and running. Overall he’s a good old companion.”



This is Zeus. Zeus is just 6 months old and a pit bull mix. He is full of puppy energy, loves people, and especially enjoys a good game of fetch. 

One of his owners, Marques Herrera-Kuehn, a senior biochemistry major, said that he appreciates Zeus because he’s just easy to have around. 

“He is just a very chill companion and a good buddy,” he said. “He’s quite the character.” 

Jordan Worthington, a senior marketing and journalism and media studies major, and other owner of Zeus, agreed. 

“Yeah, he does have quite the personality.” 

Overall, both Herrera-Kuehn and Worthington agreed that Zeus is just a nice dog. 

“He doesn’t really bark at any other dogs,” Herrera-Kuehn said. “[Plus,] he likes to snuggle. He’s a good snuggler and he definitely has no sense of personal space – he does not believe in it. He also keeps us busy. Like when it’s nice out we have an excuse to go out and play with him.”


Chicken Nugget

Meet Chicken Nugget. Chicken Nugget is a 1 year old pomeranian who is filled with tons of playful energy. If you’re inside, he probably has a sock in his mouth. Bring him outside and you’ll find him chomping on a leaf. 

His owner, Adrianna Arroyo, a junior biology major with a pre-med focus, loves Chicken Nugget for his high energy. 

“He is very energetic, crazy, and loves people. He thinks he’s the size of a big dog, but he is literally 6 pounds,” she said. “He is registered as an ESA on campus – some people know this about me, some people don’t, but 2 years ago I almost died and was in the hospital having to get emergency brain surgery, and so he’s just my little companion.”

“He helps me feel not so alone, helps me deal with bad days, and he is a good motivator to get out of bed – because he has to go outside to pee,” Arroyo said.  



This is Jack Daniels, but better known as Jack. Jack is a year and 5 months old and is believed to be an Australian shepard, German shepherd, and husky mix. Despite his size, every time Jack sees the bunnies on campus he likes to mimic their jumping movements. 

Jack is very rambunctious. He definitely keeps me active on days where I just kind of want to lay around and do nothing,” said his owner, Caity Babcock, a sophomore psychology major. “I am forced to get up and take care of him – it’s really nice. I like to go on adventures with him. Plus, it’s also nice to have a pet to snuggle up with when it’s cold out and stuff like that.”



This is Luna. Luna is only ten weeks old and is a chiweenie – chihuahua and weiner dog mix. Despite the fact that her tiny little body can hardly contain her excitement, she has already learned to sit and how to come when called. While impressive, she doesn’t know how to pee outside quite yet…

Her owner Abby Labuhn, a sophomore international relations major, said that she appreciates Luna’s company. 

“She requires so much energy, but a really good way to wind down when I get home is by playing with this super playful puppy,” Labuhn said. “She is a huge cuddler when she is tired. She’ll just sit and lay on me when I do my homework, and all my friends adore her. She is just this little fuzz ball of sweetness that I love.”