Senioritis hits Linfield in waning weeks of lecture

Is there an antibiotic for this?

It’s so hard to even think about silly little things like discussion posts on Blackboard when I have a looming existential crisis (called Life After Linfield!!). This is even worse than when I graduated from high school because this time, it really is the last of the last. Last track meet. Last this, last that. Also, I’ve grown to love McMinnville and I’m sad to leave. Why is it so beautiful here? BRB, going off to ride my bike through the country roads for one of the last times… Wait, did I have a discussion post due?

Anna Frazier, Editor-in-chief (BS in Environmental Studies, minors in Environmental Economics and Media Studies)

Plans after college: Outdoor job at home in Alaska for the summer, then ??magazine?? in Washington probably(?)


I  feel myself thinking so much about post-graduation plans that current assignments don’t have the same amount of urgency as they used to. I feel like my days are filled with scrambling to finish senior projects, extracurricular activities, and trying to have some free time. I can tell I am getting sentimental. Maybe it’s the fact that this will be the last time I am in such close proximity with my friends or having an academic schedule (that I have come to love). Half of me wants time to move faster to be finished, while the other wants it to stop moving. Maybe it is the fear of having to enter the ‘real world’… or having to submit my exemplars.

Emma Inge, Managing Editor (BA in Journalism and Media Studies and Digital Art, minors in Sociology and Studio Art)

Plans after college: Hopefully travel a bit then move to LA…manifesting a job in the film and TV industry.


Like Anna, I struggle with finding the value in essays and dense readings when the terrifying and exhilarating concept of post-graduation is near. However, Linfield and McMinnville hold little sentimental value for me. I will not feel the least bit of nostalgia for creepy townies and deafening football games. This sounds harsh– I imagine the fatigue and frustration that comes with completing your last semester has hardened me a tad. It’s the people that I will miss, but I am optimistic that with frequent emailing and letter-writing, I’ll maintain those connections. 

Camille Lubach, Staff Illustrator (BA in Spanish and Studio Art with minor in Visual Studies)

Plans after college: two-month bike trip with my dad, then the Camino de Santiago in Spain, then an existential crisis


Senioritis is real and it’s hitting me hard. I feel ready for my life after Linfield even though I don’t have a clue about what’s coming next. I’m feeling swamped with homework that feels unimportant and job applications that require me to individually type-in everything that’s on my resume. It just doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day; especially on days when I ignore my to-do list until it’s time to go to bed. On those days it feels like there’s maybe too many hours in the day and I’ve somehow managed to waste them all. I know these next two months won’t be easy, but I’m excited to feel the achievement of being a college graduate and have the rest of my life in front of me. Hopefully my senioritis will be cured by then and I’ll be ready for whatever the real world infects me with. 

Laney Green, Life and Culture Editor (BA in Journalism and Media Studies, minor in Entrepreneurship)

Plans after college: Compete in the PDX triathlon and get hired as a copy writer or editor somewhere…fingers crossed. 


I feel like I spend most of my time thinking about post grad. My trip to Spain, what my job is going to be, where I’m going to end up. I can tell I’m ready to move on, but I am also crazy scared for after-college life. My current assignments don’t seem as important, and I find myself having a difficult time focusing on both school work and job applications. I need to live in the moment a little more and spend time enjoying my last few weeks of college instead of thinking ahead. I also feel like the weather is making my senioritis that much worse. Come back, sun!!!

Kate Walkup, Sports Editor (BA in Journalism and Media Studies, minor in Sport Management)

Plans after college: going to Spain! Then hopefully start a job in sports social media or journalism or marketing. 


As long as I don’t have to write anything I’ve been getting it in on time. I’m barely taking any classes so I feel like I don’t have an excuse to experience senioritis.

Nathan Herde, Photography Editor (BS in Exercise Science, minor in Math)

Plans after college: go to school again until I can’t any more. Also take some photos.


Graduation is fast approaching and senioritis has made itself a constant in my life. It seems like there is so much to do in such a little amount of time. I would rather spend my time with my friends, doing extracurriculars, or going on some last minute decision adventure, then sitting down and doing my actual school work. And don’t even get me started on job applications and plans after graduation… At this point I am taking it one day at a time.

Meghan Mullaly, Senior Staff Writer/Photographer (BA in Digital Art and Journalism and Media Studies, minor in Studio Art)

Plans after college: Hopefully land a job in the world of visual communications doing graphic design and photography for some type of communications team! 


It was weird to have a college experience which didn’t provide a “normal” feeling academic year until our senior year. After the fall term of freshman year we were thrown into the fire of Covid restriction, professors and our colleagues constantly being on edge, and having to adapt to numerous learning conditions each term. Although I feel the pressure of final exams, I’d be lying if I said I said this was my hardest term. In fact, this entire year has been the most enjoyable of my college career. Not having to deal with the uncertainty of COVID learning disruptions, overly stressed friends, or the fear of what happens next has made this year seem easier than it should be. Subconsciously I’m waiting for another Covid-like disaster to come and derail graduation, but deep down I know there’s really nothing left to stop me from achieving my goals. My motivation to complete the trivial assignments has dwindled, but I’m more excited than ever to see what I can do with the knowledge and character I’ve developed over the last four years. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of my time here.

Samuel Brinda, Photographer (B.S. in Economics, minor in Psychology)

Plans after school: get a job in the financial services industry, road-trip like crazy, enjoy time with friends, and thrift.