National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

When I say “peanut butter” you say “jelly.” Ready?

Peanut butter! __[Jelly]__! Peanut butter? __[JELLY]__!!

That was fun! But in all seriousness, Apr. 2 is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. What this means for you, or more specifically, avid peanut butter and jelly (PB & J) consumers, is that it’s a day to commemorate, reflect and perfect the traditional sandwich. 

The Linfield Review would like to present: How to make a supreme PB & J.

The required ingredients. (Laney Green)

Step 1:

As with all recipes, you’ll have to start by first purchasing the supplies. Fortunately, the best PB & Js are made with just three ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. For this recipe we will need those standard ingredients: peanut butter (crunchy or smooth, whichever you prefer. I chose smooth), jelly (any flavor, but I like raspberry best), and bread (go nuts). This particular recipe also calls for a toaster; technically it’s optional, but I promise it will level-up your sandwich. Lastly, a plate and butter knife will be useful.

Step 2:

After acquiring the necessary supplies, it’s time to prepare the bread. Start by picking two pieces and popping them into the toaster. My toaster is set to the time (or temperature?) between 3 and 4. This usually leaves my toast warm, crunchy, and most importantly, not burnt. While you wait for the bread to emerge, go ahead and retrieve your plate and knife, and open up your peanut butter and jelly.

The perfect toast: crispy, crunchy, and not burnt. (Laney Green)

Step 3:

Once the toast pops, it’s go time. This step also requires you to make a choice. Personally, I spread one piece of bread with peanut butter and the other with jelly, However, you can also make the bold decision to coat both pieces in peanut butter and layer one side with jelly or vice versa. Before you wide eye these options, leave the decision up to your gut feeling in the moment, neither will sound as crazy then. Once you’ve decided, it’s time to spread them liberally onto the toast. Don’t be stingy with this process. 

A supreme PB&J ready to be eaten. (Laney Green)

Step 4:

The fourth and final step is to eat the masterpiece you just created. I know it’s hard for any artist to destroy their own creation, just think of Dr. Frankenstein. But you’re going to enjoy doing so while it’s still warm. Enjoy!

Share your favorite way to make a PB&J with us in the comments.