Spring sports start up once again at Linfield


Alexis Garner smiles on the court after a point ends in a spring season match.

As the academic spring semester begins to start up at Linfield University, so have the spring sports. Linfield offers eight different athletic programs in the spring, and the athletes are anxious for the season to start.

Many teams in the 2021-22 sports season dominated the conference, and baseball was one of them. When starting off in the eighth seed spot out of nine, the Wildcats had to earn each win. However, with hard work and dedication they made their way to the top spot, earning a NWC regular season conference title share with one other team. This season, the Wildcats are ranked second in the coaches’ preseason poll and are more than ready to prove to the conference what they can do.

Jackson Koons, a sophomore pitcher, emphasized their work on and off the field heavily when discussing the team. When touring schools, he chose Linfield because of the competitive and hardworking atmosphere. 

Jackson Koons, a sophomore on the men’s baseball team

“I enjoyed seeing the atmosphere that the team and coaches were building,” Koons said. 

Koons has many expectations to live up to, having been around baseball his entire life. 

“Baseball ran in the family, both watching and playing it,” Koons shared. 

With a twin brother who played catch with him constantly as well as played alongside him, Koons knew quickly that his love for the sport would only grow. Although the past baseball season had plenty of unforgettable moments, his favorite was the moment of making the conference tournament last spring.

Having to fight for that spot made the win much more worth it, and Koons has enjoyed every minute of it. He looks forward to spreading positivity through whatever position he might be in, whether it is in the dugout or on the mound. 

“Whatever role I’m in, I want to make an impact on the game and team in a positive way,” Koons shares. 

Even though playing baseball in college had never been the front of his radar as a kid, Koons has found a new family through this team, and commits to spreading positivity throughout the team each day.

Another spring sports team that brings a large amount of promise to their season is the men’s golf team. They are a growing program here at Linfield, and have shown their immense improvement in the past 2021-22 season. They closed out their season in the fall in fourth place out of nine teams—a great finish for the competitive atmosphere in this conference. 

One of the newcomers to the team is Zachary Netter, a freshman. While many of the golfers on the team have been in love with golf since they could walk, Netter is an exception.

“I played baseball most of my life,” Netter said. “I didn’t really get into golf until Covid when I had plenty of time on my hands.” 

Zachary Netter, a freshman on the men’s golf team

Since both golf teams here at Linfield have year-long seasons, Netter has already experienced his first season on the team. 

“My first semester of a college sport was a rollercoaster,” Netter said. “Lots of new experiences and habits, but the team was very helpful in making the transition smooth.”

Just like other small teams on campus, the men’s golf team has a close and competitive atmosphere, always pushing each other to be better. Because of this, Netter believes that they will be able to show what their hard work and dedication has earned them. 

“I’m excited for the team to show the conference our capability to take over the top spot,” Netter said. “I don’t think it will be long before we’re winning most tournaments.”

Netter has high hopes for the coming season, hoping the team’s drive and motivation will push them to a conference title.

While Netter is experiencing his first sports season at Linfield, there are many veteran athletes starting their last. Addie Klindt is a senior on the track team, who runs the 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash.

Once Klindt joined the track team, her love for both the sport and the team grew rapidly.

“I have met some of my closest friends on this team,” Klindt said. “The energy is unmatched compared to the other teams I have played with.”

Even though running continues to remain difficult at times for Klindt, the team’s lively dynamic makes up for it. Her favorite memories have been the little things, such as daily practice and bonding moments with her teammates. 

Having been on the team four years, Klindt has seen her fair share of familiar faces. However, the freshmen class has brought both fresh faces and fresh legs, giving Klindt many reasons to be looking forward to the coming season with the team. 

Addie Klindt, a senior on the track and field team

“We have many young teammates who have a ton of potential and a lot of vets that I’m excited to watch in our last year,” Klindt stated.

In her junior season, Klindt did not have the opportunity to compete due to an injury and is thrilled to be back on the track this spring. 

“I suffered an ACL injury last year that put me out of last season, but being back makes me really excited for this season,” Klindt shared. 

Unlike the other athletes, Alexis Garner found her sport at an early age and has loved it ever since.

Garner is a sophomore on the women’s tennis team, one of the many sports teams here at Linfield with an impressive record. In the 2021-2022 season, the team remained undefeated through all conference play and earned the NWC championship title for the fifth year in a row. 

Garner had an early start to the sport, joining her brother on the tennis courts as a young girl.

“I soon felt that I had a natural talent for the sport and fell in love with it quickly,” Garner shared.

The women’s tennis team, along with the campus and wonderful community, were just a few of the reasons Garner decided to continue her education and athletic career at this school. 

She has little doubt in herself when discussing the upcoming season.

“I personally feel very confident about the season as I have been working really hard in the weight room and also on the court,” Garner said. 

While her confidence in herself is strong, Garner sees competition on the road as well. 

“I think we will make it to the conference tournament but we will have some tough competition coming from Whitman that will be a fight to the finish to clinch the conference title,” Garner says.

Alexis Garner, a sophomore on the women’s tennis team

She sees the dedication and hard work the team has put in as well, confident that they will be successful this season. With the women’s team ranked at number two for the coaches’ preseason poll, the Wildcats are excited to show the conference what they can do this season.

“There is no other team in the conference like it; the winning atmosphere, teammates and coaches are unmatched,” Garner shared.

With three sports in the top two positions on the coaches’ preseason polls, every Wildcat is ready to show what they can do this season. Each team is anxious for the season to begin, and hoping to take home a trophy as well.