Linfield’s newest finance addition, Mike Wenz


Portrait of Mike Wenz, courtesy of Linfield’s Strategic Communications department (Tim Sofranko)

Not everyone would say that they strive to wake up with problems to solve every day, but Linfield University’s newest Vice President of Finance, Mike Wenz, has a mindset of just that. Having just begun his career at Linfield on November 1, Wenz was ready to jump right into the Wildcat spirit and got to work to better student life.

Wenz has a background in finance from his time at Northeastern Illinois University, where he recently moved from, as well as several years of teaching experience at Winona State University as an economics professor. He said that working with students in higher education is his passion.

“I love the energy that comes from being on a college campus,” said Wenz. 

The students of Linfield no-doubt benefit from staff members who are passionate about their job, especially when the job entails creating a plan for the economic success of all the Wildcats. 

Along with students, faculty and staff are excited about the new addition to the department, and his enthusiasm.

In a recent Linfield News piece, President Miles K. Davis said, “His academic and professional experience, not to mention depth of understanding about higher education, will be invaluable as we navigate an exciting future full of change and opportunity.”

The draw to Linfield for Wenz was like many others who find themselves on campus: the recurring feeling that those who attend Linfield, love Linfield.

“It’s amazing… how many staff members are Linfield graduates, and how proud people are to be a Linfield graduate,” said Wenz. 

However, the biggest aspect of Wenz’s motivation and excitement for Linfield is knowing that every day, there are things to be done. He said he looks forward to being able to solve problems and having meaningful work to do every day. 

“I wake up every day with an interesting problem, that’s what really drives me,” said Wenz.

The new job did come with one temporary downside however, because the rest of the Wenz family is still back in Illinois. With finalising the hiring process just two weeks after the start of the McMinnville High School’s academic year, this prevented his family from moving all at the same time. Wenz’s two kids, Nick and Annie, are a freshman in college at the University of Colorado and a freshman in high school in Illinois, respectively. They, along with Wenz’s wife, Kristy, will be joining him in moving to McMinnville in January.