Linfield’s bunnies: Too cute NOT to stop and admire

Grace Fjermedal and Anna Frazier

Take a walk down any Linfield University sidewalk and you may be greeted by a little friend at your feet. Most of the time, the tiny fellow is a squirrel, terrified you’ll take its stash of acorns. But, if you’re lucky, it may be one of Linfield’s famous bunnies.

These bunnies (who were obviously pets in a previous life) are so tame that most of the time you can walk right up to them. They have their favorite haunts and evoke a gasp of “Oh how cute!” from every passerby. 

Local students know them by various names. A brown and white spotted one that lived around the Greens apartments over the summer was known as “Butterscotch,” “Carrots,” “Little Guy,” and even “Creatine” by residents.

What do you call your local Linfield bunny? And if it does have a name, send in a picture to [email protected]!

Bunny grazes on clovers across the street from Theta Chi fraternity house. (Grace Fjermedal)


All ears in the parking lot. Bunny lounges behind back tires of a parked car in Linfield parking lot. (Grace Fjermedal)







Bunny sits besides spiderwebs outside Potter hall. (Grace Fjermedal)
Leaping to shelter, a small black bunny hides beneath a parked car. (Grace Fjermedal)