New ASLU Leaders Looking Forward to a New Year


ASLU President Emma Campbell, right, and Vice President Preslie Petrick, left, in a ASLU Publicity photo taken by Molly Johnston in spring of 2022. Photo courtesy of Emma Campbell.

Grace Fjermedal, Staff Writer

Student government is important for managing the expansive range of community activities, relationships, and responsibilities that keep universities in tune with the wants and needs of its student body.

The Associated Students of Linfield University (ASLU) is no different. The dedicated students who make up this group work hard to make sure students are seen, heard, and respected. The student government preserves the hidden gems of Linfield—like our traditions and a welcoming campus environment—and is always mining for new ones.

Emma Campbell, the ASLU President plays an important role in this preservation. Campbell is a political science and math major with a leadership minor. Outside her studies, she works hard to uphold the importance of student government. 

“My number one goal is to get students back into campus life,” Campbell said. “For this to happen it is important for students to engage with their peers in leadership positions. ASLU is the bridge between the students and the administration. It is a vital part of our school’s ecosystem.”

Vice President Preslie Petrick shares these desires, expressing a need for strong relationships across campus in addition to specifically inside ASLU. 

“I love the Linfield community and I want that sense of comradery to be built within our Legislative branch,” Petrick said.

A love for Linfield is visible through the leadership roles and campus involvements of these students. Petrick is very involved with the residence life office and is a resident advisor for the Blaine Street apartments. 

Petrick was a Fall 2021 Registration and Orientation Leader (ROL) and the Vice President of Lindfield’s Democrats Club. She also works in the Linfield Writing Center as a writing consultant. 

It is uncommon to show up to an event without seeing Petrick’s welcoming smile.

Campbell is also very involved on campus. Last year, she was the vice president of public relations “And I am a part of the Alpha Phi sorority where I currently serve as the Vice President of Health, Wellness, & Accountability,” she said.

While Campbell and Petrick will lead the student government, they have plenty of help.

“This year we have a fantastic group in our Cabinet who are passionate and driven,” Petrick said. “They have some great ideas and there’s a lot of potential for this coming year.” Petrick says that ideas from all students are welcome. 

“I often hear people talking about great ideas that they have,” Petrick said. “ASLU wants to hear them so they can be put into action. As a group we are focused on breathing life back into this campus as we are about to enter our first year back with no COVID restrictions since 2020. We want students to know that the Senate is a place all students can come and voice what they want to see on campus.” 

Campbell shared that same message while talking about student involvement. “[Students] should feel free to reach out to any of the ASLU Cabinet or ASLU Senate; in fact, students should know that all ASLU Senate meetings are open to all students,” Campbell said.