Kaden’s Komments: Post-Pandemic Problems


Kaden Gass, Staff Writer

Hey folks, it’s ya boy Kaden and this week I wanted to talk about post-pandemic problems and finding a job. I feel like getting a job is very similar to a boys club and who you know. If you don’t have the connections and you don’t mingle, then you’re gonna be stuck at some dead end job until you find that one person that can financially get you out of that hole.

Even out of college, it’s proving so difficult to find a job in a market that is struggling due to the pandemic. Not to mention the fact that many jobs are so understaffed and could hire people if they just listened to their employee’s concerns.

To me, it sounds like many companies are “penny pinchers” and don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that (especially in terms of financial stability). But that factor directly conflicts with growth opportunities and room for expansion, both for a worker and for a business structure. 

What I don’t understand is the contradictory nature of the job market. Every employer is like “we are looking for young college graduates that will bring a fresh perspective to our company!” and that’s chill Barbara I get that. But when I apply? They say “We prefer someone who has a PhD and has had five years of experience.” Ya ok, I’m sure you’ll find someone with those specific qualifications wanting to make $12 an hour with no benefits.

I’d like to believe that jobs are built on trust and relationships. Barbara could give a rat’s ass if you’re the greatest mind since Nikola Tesla. However, if you can be personable and take “Barb” out for a glass of wine and go clubbing (even though she’s in her mid 40’s), she’s going to hire her “bestie” for her own personal gain. Humans are selfish beings, and always looking for opportunities for their own personal gain and being able to work with friends.

I get it. When I become CEO later in life, I’ll be selfish too. It just hurts right now, because I’m looking for an entry point that seems like it doesn’t exist. And surprise! The furthest I’ve gotten on job interviews are the direct connections I’ve made through work life and friends over Snapchat. Heck, someone I’ve NEVER met but have been talking to on Snapchat for a couple of months helped me revise my resume and sent me three job applications to apply for. 

It’s these personal connections when someone has your back that makes you appreciate what you have, but also makes you realize just how lopsided post-grad opportunities are for many people entering the job force.

It’s wack people.