Kaden’s Komments: A love letter to me, from me


Kaden Gass, Staff Writer


From the moment I first saw you, I knew you were going to be something amazing. The grit, the passion, the determination to get where you are–it’s inspiring. Don’t get me wrong: you’re selfish, a little vain, and a snob about calories. But hey, everyone is human and no one is perfect. 

You always thought that a man was a key to your happiness. You wanted security and to feel safe, but that’s not the Kaden I know. The Kaden I know lives for the thrill, the chase, the adrenaline. You’re different, and I think that’s what I love about you. It separates you from everyone else. 

You’re constantly changing, and just when everyone thinks they know exactly who you are, you prove them wrong. Even this writing style, god forbid, is eons different from what you produced last semester. But hey, like I said, you always have to keep them on their toes and never let them guess what your next move is.

I love how confident you are in yourself now, not that artificial bullshit that you displayed your first few years in college to impress everyone. The difference between that person and you? You’ve faced pain and you’ve been hurt, but you didn’t let it define who you are. While other people may have emerged weaker, you came out stronger and smarter than ever. That’s what you do. You take something dull and rusty and transform it into something pristine and shiny.

People come into this world and they’ll either make it or fail. You have to believe in yourself to make it in this dog-eat-dog world. You also have to be sharp and bold if you have any chance of a breakthrough in any industry. Your biggest strength is that everyone will always underestimate the power you possess and that’s okay. I feel like a lot of successful people are underestimated when they’re young, but that’s just another card in your deck.

Every experience in life is preparing you for the other side of that graduation stage and what you’ll face in the real world. There comes a certain point when what you know isn’t enough, and that’s fine if you want to be basic, but you’re not basic. You’re bigger than that. You’re going to go far, because you have the mentality and believe that you’re going to win the war. If they underestimate you, let them, and then prove them wrong. 

You’re headed for the top. Believe it. 

Love always,