Kaden’s Komments: Let’s talk about kinks


Kaden Gass, Staff Writer

My bosses are on my tush this week in order to get yet another story to you all. This is what it’s come to folks. I’ve basically sold my soul to corporate America, and it looks like even the best can’t get some good paid time off.

For this week’s story, I’m pushing the boundaries again and talking about kinks. Yes, kinks. I feel like it’s such a fragile part of the social structure we live in and yet, everyone has them. Maybe kink is too strong of a word and some of you are intimidated by it, but in all honesty, it’s just personal preference. Kinks can range from something small such as physical touch, or even to how someone treats you—not everything has to be sexual.

I bet you’re wondering why I’ve chosen to speak about this topic and the answer is simple. Men are boring as hell. Have you ever tried to talk to one? Snooze. The few men that really pique my interest are the ones that keep it fresh and interesting, especially in terms of conversation. Men that are able to talk circles around me and keep me stimulated verbally have a way to my heart and to me, that’s one of my kinks.

Obviously I have others too, but I prefer to keep my job and well, bestie, I don’t think we’re at that point in our relationship yet.

There’s a certain stigma about sharing too much as well. Even as I’m writing this I’m thinking, “Is this too much?” To be fair, I have to say no. In all honesty, it’s something that everyone will eventually deal with and I think bringing light to the idea is healthy. 

There’s often a stigma surrounding the desire to try different things in life, and I think it has taught us that being different or having thoughts that stray from the societal norm is wrong. I hate to say it, but society is changing at a somewhat rapid pace, and so is the way people experience life. So let’s be open to everyone having kinks, shall we?