The growth of the Linfield women’s golf team

Serrina Cabral, Staff Writer

This past fall season, the women’s golf team has played in four tournaments. The team placed in all four tournaments and took first at their own invitational. Actually being able to compete in the team-score category has changed their game heavily. Linfield has not been able to compete in the team score division because their team was not big enough until this year. 

After completing the fall golf season, the team feels confident heading into their main season this spring. They have shown major improvement throughout the years but know they have small things to work on to be successful in their spring season.

“This team is very special,” senior Raegan Barr said. “It’s the biggest team we have had in five years.” 

The women’s golf team has never had enough players to qualify for the team score in competitions, but now that they have five, they have the ability to do so. This allows them a whole different playing field this year than what they were limited to in the past. This allowed them to qualify for the team score and they were able to win their own tournament that they haven’t been able to win in 15 years.

Barr has found that being the only senior on the team comes with a lot of pressure. However, Barr had no fear taking on this role and being that person the team can come to no matter what.

“Reagan is really working hard to improve the culture of our team,” Head Coach Shane Kimura said. 

“[Being a leader has] helped me grow as a person,” Barr said. “Not only as an athlete, but also as a person in the leadership role to be better for my teammates.” 

Raegan always wanted to show her teammates that it’s best to be there for one another and that no one should ever feel like an outcast or feel alone.

“Yes, I’m a captain, I’m captain of the team, but at the end of the day, it’s a team effort,” Barr said. 

 The freshman and sophomore classes had a huge role in the improvements that have been shown during this fall season. They have handled this first true fall season as a team with poise. With a big freshman class, the team has had two freshmen—Hannah Hughes and Tori Schuler—qualify in most of the tournaments and contribute to the team score. However, coming from high school it  can be a difficult transition. 

The freshman tallied some of their best scores since high school at the tournament. Coming out of high school and adjusting to a new course can be difficult, but the freshman class came into the tournament with no fear, which allowed them to contribute to the team score.

After completing a successful fall season, the Linfield women’s golf team will turn their attention to their main season that will begin in the spring.