Prediction of this year’s top 5 Halloween costumes

Laney Green, Life and Culture Editor

With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s time to predict this year’s most pursuable costumes. However, this article will omit the ongoing costume classics like the witch, cat and ghost. Instead, this will be a prediction of the top five Halloween costumes based on this past year’s most popular Netflix originals. 

1. Not your average game show

Starting off the predictions will be the show “Squid Game,” currently sitting in second place on Netflix’s top 10 in the U.S. today list. This show has blown up in popularity since its release date back in September, making it easy to predict as a go-to costume for plenty of individuals this year.

Dressing up like a “Squid Game” character can be as easy or as challenging as you want to make it. Plus, there are also so many costumes you could choose to replicate. The easiest to recreate would be dressing up as a player in the games. All that’s really required is a green tracksuit and a pair of white Vans. 

Another route (that’s a bit more challenging) is dressing up as one of the workers. This outfit can be simplified exponentially while still keeping it obvious who you are dressed as. If you don’t happen to already own a red jumpsuit, don’t fret! An all-red outfit of any sort is enough to do the trick because it’s the mask that matters the most. Consider investing in a mask from a Halloween store, or if you’re feeling crafty you could DIY it. All that really matters is that you showcase a shape on the front; I suggest a square, give yourself some authority!

2. Can’t help falling in love

Second on the list, but currently number one most streamed on Netflix in the U.S., is the original show “YOU.” The show’s third season was recently released, and Netflix has already teased that a fourth is on its way. This prediction is an obvious choice just based solely on the show’s popularity. 

Another bonus, however, is the Halloween-esque creepiness that’s tied to the show’s plot and the simplicity of the costume. Basing a costume on this show would be simple and easy, and again, there’s more than one to choose from.

The obvious costume choice here is dressing as the main character, Joe. This outfit is complete with a pair of dark jeans, a neutral shirt, a dark jean jacket, and a baseball hat. You could also throw on a dark colored backpack to really sell the stalker look. 

Another choice that would be a little less obvious to guess who you are, is dressing up as Joe’s wife, Love. Dressing up as Love, or really any of the women Joe stalks throughout the three seasons of the show, would be crazy simple. However, if you’re prone to getting annoyed by the question, “Wait, who are you?” then this outfit is not for you.

3. Womanizer, baby

This costume is an absolute no-brainer since Britney Spears is an icon among many other things. Netflix released a documentary this year titled “Britney vs Spears” that investigates Spears’ life under conservatorship and seeks to reveal the truth about it. After making so many other headlines this past year, it’s easy to believe that Spears and her many looks throughout the 2000s are sure to be popular costume choices this year. 

From a bikini accessorized by a python, to an all-red leather catsuit, there are plenty of Spears outfits to choose from. However, the simplest to replicate would probably be rehab Britney from 2007, or current day Britney in 2021. Rehab Britney only really requires a bald cap and some comfy, loose fitting clothing. Current day Britney is all about the crop top and hot pants. Either (or any) version of Britney makes for an easy, successful, and not-so-toxic costume for a night of fun.

4. Talk about an endless summer

Did someone say Pogues for life? It’s time to predict the top group costume of the year and surely it’ll be the friend group from Netflix’s two season hit, “Outer Banks.” “Outer Banks” is a show that really highlights the power of friendships, so it’s more than suitable to be a top contender for a group costume this Halloween. 

This costume comes with five possible outfits as there are five members in the show’s main friend group. The characters to dress as are Kiara, Pope, JJ, Sarah Cameron, and everyone’s hero, John B. Luckily, this show takes place in a warm, humid location where the characters wear little clothing. The simplest way to dress as any of the characters is to wear a swimsuit. For the girls, jean short cutoffs, and, for the boys, an open button-up vacation style shirt. 

5. Burning for you

 Last but not least, we can’t forget about everyone’s favorite Netflix original Regency-era drama, “Bridgerton.” While technically released back in late December of 2020, “Bridgerton” broke viewership records and stayed number one on Netflix well into 2021. 

The show’s center focus is about finding love, or rather, a suitable husband to wed. The show hooks its viewers once two of the star characters catch deep romantic feelings for one another. While it may not be the easiest costume to replicate, you can count on seeing “Bridgerton” couple costumes this Halloween. 

This costume for Daphne can be created by wearing a dress, the more regal the better. Layer a corset with the dress –if you have one in your possession– to really sell what era you’re dressing in. For the counterpart character, Simon, dress in dark trousers, boots, a button down shirt and an overcoat. 

Whether your costume this year is straight from Netflix’s top 10 list or a timeless classic, this Halloween is sure to be one heck of an almost post-pandemic celebration.